Can Corzine & Co. Pass a Marriage Bill Before Chris Christie Takes Office?

With Republican Chris Christie beating gay marriage supporter and incumbent Jon Corzine by more than four points in yesterday’s election, New Jersey will find itself with an anti-gay chief executive in January. Does that mean gay marriage is off the table for the Garden State in the near future?


Not if Garden State Equality has anything to say about it. Jersey’s leading pro-marriage group isn’t letting Corzine’s defeat quiet its ambitions. The group kicked off a new television advertising campaign as Corzine and sympathetic lawmakers work to pass a major bill before he leaves office: same-sex marriage legislation.

In a lame duck session planned in January before Corzine exits, a marriage bill is expected to be voted on; Corzine has promised to sign it if it reaches his desk. Hence the advertising campaign, to convince voters to write, call, and pound on the doors of legislators to get them to vote for it.

Because otherwise, they’ll be inducting a governor who wants to ban it entirely. By people’s vote. And you know how that’s fared recently.