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Can Courtney Act Make It As More Than ‘Just’ a Singing Drag Queen?

After watching “Welcome to Disgraceland,” the new video from Courtney Act, the Australian “glamerous diva” and one-time Australian Idol semi-finalist, I’m left wondering: Would she be notable minus the drag act?

Real name Shane Jenek, Courtney has some notoriety in Australia for failing to get past the Idol audition round as a guy, but making it all the way to the 13th spot as a lady. She’s heading out on an international (the U.S. and Europe) summer tour, and “Disgraceland” is her attempt to generate some name recognition.

I like the video. Courteny is stunning, the muscled guys in the background don’t hurt, and the song just might find its way into the clubs. But aside from donning a blonde wig and giving Lady Gaga a shout out in the lyrics, what sets her apart from other female pop act hopefuls? I’d venture to say: her balls.