Can you find the hidden messages in Taylor Swift’s new video?

Hey, guess what? Taylor Swift is walking stridently, determinedly down a long steely corridor — while wearing a hoodie. (Get it?)

Wait, hold everything: Now she’s bucking expectations by being extremely futuristic in a body stocking. (Catch out drift?)

And now? Well, now she’s turned into a cyborgian fusion of flesh and fetish. Oh damn, she’s sitting astride a beautiful hologrammic horse! (How much more slyly subversive can an artist possibly be??)

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Seriously, is there anything Tay-Tay can’t do? Besides land a catchy chorus?

Judging by the video for her latest single “…Ready For It,” directed by Joseph Kahn, the answer is definitively “No.”

Take a look here: 

Wait, sorry. Here…