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Can Gay Action Stars Become Straight? Are We Helping Ann Coulter? Should We Fight for Trans Equality?

Time for the Queerty weekend post with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just downright bitchy) comments that came directly from you! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle to ourselves in the office.

1. Conversion therapy is not just for gays. In fact, we’re making scientific progress in turning straight men into homosexuals. A technique which uses drugs to alter hormone levels and stimulate hypersexuality. I just wish the media would cover both sides of the story and give us more credit.

Kev C comments in mock disapproval at media bias on White Liberals Burn Tote Bags As NPR Admits It Flubbed Ex-Gay Story

2. His publicist says he shouldn’t talk about his personal life. His coming out was “immaturity”. Then why the hell is he talking about dating women now? Isn’t that personal, too? He should say no comment. What makes this situation particularly offensive is that he himself said, “I knew I was going to have to do interviews with gay magazines, so I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to have to be open’. It’s who I am. And if people don’t like it, then I don’t want their jobs. I’ve never been a very good liar.” How do you rationalize pretending to date women (lying) after a statement like that? He should have fired any handlers that advised him to do it. He could just do like Matt Bomer and say nothing about his private life. Matt even talks about his kids, but nothing about his husband. Don’t give them any new quotes and all they will have is old news. Lying is just going to create scandal and ruin his credibility.

jonjon1968 gives PR advice on Action Star Luke Evans Doesn’t Realize His Gay Past Is All Over The Internets

3. How can one “hate” Ann Coulter? I mean, obviously the things she says are worthy of criticism and, at least, public condemnation. They’re silly and deliberately cruel, like a poor imitation of how a child describes vegetables. It’s a game, though. She’s not a very bright gal, and would obviously support the contrary view if the money were as good. And that’s what it all comes down to: money. I’m uncomfortable that Ann Coulter is given this much coverage to say things that I disagree with for money. But I hate that we live in a society that has enabled her to make a career out of saying these things that I disagree with a lot more than I could ever hate the former [sentence], or the buzz that this faux outrage generates for her (no one of any worth is truly pissed off by what she has to say anymore, and if you are, you’re a fool. Genuine outrage ONLY feeds her brand, and is what she craves). How easy it is to be used. Do any of you ever feel used by posts like this?

Ganondorf thinks we are giving Coulter just what she wants on We Agree With GOProud: Ann Coulter Is A Gay Icon!

4. We need a proper “Boycott Watch”, giving us a comprehensive list of all homophobic companies. We can start by placing New Balance at the top of the list.

Skeloric gives us a good idea on New Balance: “Please Don’t Hate Us Because Our Chairman Gave $500K To Mitt Romney”

5. I do support and champion and fight for Trans Equality – even though I’m just a gay man. Just as my non-gay family and friends fight for, promote, and CHAMPION LGBT Equality, even though none of them are LGBT.

I fight hard for Transgender rights and awareness and understanding, but you have to offer applicable plans and solutions, not complaints.

If gay men won’t stand up for and fight for trans people, then gay men can fucking forget having the support of the non-gay communities. 

–Little Kiwi makes a big case for empathy and unity on Why Have You Marriage-Hungry Homos Forsaken Our Trans Brothers And Sisters?

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  • please

    “He could just do like Matt Bomer…”


    we don’t need another closeted gay actor who uses his boyfriend’s kids for publicity.

  • Interesting

    @please: Exactly. If one is going to argue that one’s life should be kept private, then one has to keep one’s life private. Privacy is being used as a smoke screen for “we live in a homophobic society, and I am afraid that this will hurt my career.”

  • alan Balehead

    So much talk about Actor’s private lives, but not politicians who deny you basic rights….does this sound right???

  • Interesting

    @alan Balehead: Why do you feel the need to lie? People discuss pols private lives all the time. Weiner being the most recent that I can think of off top my head. Then there are documentaries that have covered the outing of politicians.

    We are asking how private can these actor’s live really be if they are putting the rest of it on display?

    Serious question; are you retarded?

    I feel like there are some seriously retarded people out there with computers. Your argument does not even try to make sense.

  • Rachel's fingernails

    We’re still growing.

  • Jakey

    Holy crap, that Ann Coulter comment. Ganondorf has obviously never met anyone who takes Ann Coulter seriously and agrees with many things she writes and says. I have. (How do you think she makes that money?) The idea that she’s somehow less loathsome because she’s just saying what pays is laughable to me; that’s worse, dude, than if she was just going with her actual convictions. Blame “society” for giving her a voice all you want, but if she doesn’t believe her own lines—and I also don’t think she does—then she stepped right in with eyes wide open to cynically exploit that opportunity. And I mean cynically: she is making money from the ignorance and prejudice of others, while hurting people that she herself knows don’t deserve it. That’s what she’s chosen to do to get a lot of attention and a lot of cash, and if that doesn’t make a person hateful, what the hell does? Her opinions may be fake, but the influence she has over the portion of her reading and viewing public that agrees with those opinions is very real. I don’t think she’s dumb enough not to know that, just that she’s awful enough not to care. Fuck her, and fuck the idea that society deserves more blame for “enabling” her more than she does for doing and saying everything she does and says in public.

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