Can we get a woof for Joe Biden’s openly gay deputy campaign manager Rufus Gifford?

Can we get a woof for Rufus Gifford?

In April 2020, Gifford, who is openly gay, was hired as then presidential candidate Joe Biden’s (maybe you’ve heard of him?) deputy campaign manager, where he focused on finance, external outreach and coalition building–and you know, being an absolute silver fox. Needless to say, it is entirely possible a Biden presidency wouldn’t even be a thing without Gifford, and for that, we owe him a spot on the Pride 50. (Or maybe like, all the spots? We kid.)

Upon getting the job, Gifford tweeted the sweetest photo of his husband, veterinarian Stephen DeVincent, which… kill us now for too much cuteness:

Cuteness aside, Gifford is something of a history-making political maven: Prior to working with Biden, Gifford served as the U.S. ambassador to Denmark during President Obama’s second term and was one of seven openly gay ambassadors who served under the Obama administration.

And prior to that, he helped to raise millions of dollars as a campaign fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, using his experience gained as the former finance chair for the Democratic National Committee.

But his political prowess isn’t the only reason he’s on the Pride 50. For one thing, we are pretty sure he was over Trump as much as we were during his administration:

And since Biden’s become President, Gifford has been celebrating Joe’s time in office with both humor and heart:

Not to mention, he just might be the king of vaccine selfies!

And most importantly, his Twitter and Instagram bios read “dogs are better than people.” Now that’s something we can really woof about.

Scroll down for more pics from Rufus’ Instagram page…

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