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Can Homosexuality + Soccer Co-Exist?, Univision Reasonably Asks

Still not as bad as the BBC’s Uganda poll, Univision’s sports site follows CNN’s polling stupidity by asking web visitors, “Is soccer compatible with sexuality?”

The available answers: “1) “Yes, sexuality is private and independent; 2) Yes, but you don’t have to make it public; 3) No, soccer is a sport for macho men.”

Missing, of course, is the obvious fourth option: “Who cares, because there’s no fighting it.”

(The blog Blabbeando spotted the poll, though it appears it may have been pulled from the article page it was hosted on.)

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  • jason

    Men who bond in sports are bonding not just through sports but also through other things such as common interests and shared heterosexuality. It cements the bond when there is a shared interest such as an interest in women.

    An exclusively gay man would thus not be able to share his sexual interest in men with his exclusively straight team mate. They could still be friends and get along but that extra bond of cement would be missing.

  • reason

    @jason: While that maybe true everyone will be missing a certain bond of cement becuase most of us are different. Just becuase that bond may be missing in regards to women doesn’t mean that they may not share more bonds with another person on the team than a heterosexual counterpart. Women are not the only thing that men can bond over.

  • Fitz

    How much gayer can soccer get?


    @Fitz: You ask:
    “How much gayer can soccer get?”

    soc·cer? ?/?s?k?r/ Show Spelled[sok-er] Show IPA
    a form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the balls may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body but the arms and hands, except in the case of the goalkeepers, who may use their hands to catch, carry, throw, or stop the balls.

    Apparently not………… :p

  • Jeffree

    Soccer teams in Europe often comprise people from multiple ethnicities. Look at the several of the teams —quite a few of the players will be of non-European descent: players may be of Middle East backgrounds or of African heritage. No one will tell you that this integration was seamless, but ultimately what matters is how well the guy plays.

    Same thing will happen with gay players. It’s not easy to be “the different one” but if you can carry your weight for the team, ultimately you get accepted.

    I see no reason why this won’t be the same in Latin America, where the Brasilian team has been multi-racial from the get-go. There may be taunts or jeers but if a gay player is a key player, he will win over his team.

    That, by the way was a poll designed by someone who knows NADA about constructing a survey. You’d think it was like FOX asking about how many soldiers’ wives think their husband would be bothered by serving next to a gay soldier—when in fact their hub has been already doing that for 4 years!

  • BlogShag

    Most straight guys I’ve talked to think that soccer has always had strong homoerotic overtones; that’s one of the reasons they don’t like the sport.

  • Jeff K.

    Gods, I hope that whole team is gay! I’ll take Sergio Ramos with a side of Fernando Torres, please.

  • Andy

    @jason: “Exclusively straight” That’s a nice idea.

  • jason

    I think American gridiron is far more erotic than soccer. All those men in those tight pants colliding with each other….

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