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Can Madonna ever recover from her COVID-19 conspiracy theory debacle?

Madona in a hat

Madonna waded into COVID-19 controversy last week and fans are still upset about it. In fact, many say they’re breaking up with her. And we think they might be serious.

It all started when the singer shared a coronavirus propaganda video and voiced her support for Dr. Stella Immanuel, the quack physician who’s been promoting hydroxychloroquine, encouraging people not to wear face masks, and warning about “demon sperm” and alien babies.

“The truth will set us all free!” Madonna wrote on Instagram last Wednesday. “This woman is my hero … Thank you Stella Immanuel.”

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A backlash ensued, with many of her biggest fans voicing their disapproval of her endorsement of Immanuel.

The video was quickly flagged by fact checkers for being inaccurate and removed from Madonna’s page by the Instagram police.

Afterwards, the singer purportedly reposted it, along with a complaint about censorship, before it was, once again, removed.

Jamie Tabberer at Metro published a critical op-ed today saying Madonna may have done irreparable damage to her legacy with all this coronavirus trutherism nonsense.

“Madonna’s fall from grace, once inconceivable, now seems a genuine possibility,” Tabberer writes. “What’s worse is we might already be in the middle of it.”

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Meanwhile, our friend Matthew Rettenmund, author of Encyclopedia Madonnica, the definitive source on all-things Madonna, tweeted last week:

Sorry, @Madonna, but you can’t just delete and retreat. We deserve an explanation, and you should repudiate your hero for the day, Dr. Stella Immanuel. This goes beyond fandom.”

What do you think? Did Madonna finally take it too far by peddling propaganda during a global pandemic? Can she ever come back after this? Or will exposing herself as a COVID-19 truther be the end of her storied career? Sound off in the comments section below…