Can Melissa Etheridge’s Lady-Lovin’ Tunes Help MD’s Openly Lesbian Delegate?

On August 9th, Maryland Democratic Delegate Heather Mizeur (right, with wife Deborah on far left) are holding a fundraiser and meet-and-greet hosted by Melissa Etheridge in John Waters’ stomping ground of Baltimore.

Mizeur—perhaps better known for being a lesbian than for stealing Zac Efron’s hairdo—seeks re-election to the House of Delgates, where she’s served since 2007. But before you start dream-agining the perfect outfit to wear to such a shindig, think again. The $1,000 tickets pretty much sold out to the crowd of “no more than 20.”

A wily scalper could make a killing off of star-struck lesbians hungry for more Etheridge.

If that’s out of your budget, Mizeur’s campaign also has a chance to win a ticket in an online raffle that only costs five bucks. The lucky winner will get to meet Etheridge backstage before she jams out with her clam out.

But the real question on everyone’s mind: What’s in it for Melissa? A concert, of course!

Apparently, the two met back in 2008 during the presidential campaign when Etheridge contacted Mizeur via telephone on behalf of Obama. According to Mizeur, the two “hit it off [on the phone], because of our shared love of politics.” They then became fast friends when they met face-to-face for the first time at a concert that June. So this concert kinda brings the ladies full circle.

Mizeur hopes that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s push for marriage equality will provide a “significant boost for our efforts.” Etheridge’s star power certainly can’t hurt either.

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