Can Rick Scott Be Florida’s Republican Governor If He Owns a Dating Site That Gays Use?

Florida’s State Attorney General Bill McCollum and health care executive Rick Scott (pictured, R-L) both want to be the Republican pick for governor. So their campaigns are working tirelessly to differentiate the candidates from each other. Scott’s campaign says McCollum “endorsed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 and was a Giuliani campaign leader in Florida.” And McCollum’s campaign is pointing out that Scott invests in an online dating site THAT HOMOSEXUALS USE!

Our sympathy is little for either candidate, as they are very clearly branding support of gay Floridians as a negative, when the opposite is true. So maybe this is actually an entirely pleasing game of ping-pong where one candidate tries to show how much the other one loves the gays … and both lose?

McCollum, who hired Mary Cheney to do some dirty work, has been happy to report his opponent is an investor in QuePasa.com, “one of the world’s largest trilingual Latino Social Networks online” for non-U.S. users. And yes, there are gay people on there next to straights! “[A]s McCollum’s campaign ties Scott to the site, it points out that gays also use the site for dating,” notes CNN’s Shannon Travis. “Kristy Campbell, communications director for McCollum, acknowledged to CNN the campaign is pointing out Scott’s ties to QuePasa.com. But Campbell said it was in response to the e-mail from Scott’s campaign. ‘The hypocrisy and bizarre desperate attacks against Attorney General McCollum by Rick Scott in this campaign know no bounds,’ Campbell told CNN.”

Now if Scott were smart, and truly dedicated to gay baiting, he would set up a fake profile for McCollum and list his interests as “cruising truck stops along Route 95.” I’d friend him.

But if Scott were genius, he’d simply point out that McCollum, who hired George Alan Rekers as an “expert” witness in Florida’s gay adoption mess, has much more experience with finding guys online.