Can Rick Scott Be Florida’s Republican Governor If He Owns a Dating Site That Gays Use?

Florida’s State Attorney General Bill McCollum and health care executive Rick Scott (pictured, R-L) both want to be the Republican pick for governor. So their campaigns are working tirelessly to differentiate the candidates from each other. Scott’s campaign says McCollum “endorsed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 and was a Giuliani campaign leader in Florida.” And McCollum’s campaign is pointing out that Scott invests in an online dating site THAT HOMOSEXUALS USE!

Our sympathy is little for either candidate, as they are very clearly branding support of gay Floridians as a negative, when the opposite is true. So maybe this is actually an entirely pleasing game of ping-pong where one candidate tries to show how much the other one loves the gays … and both lose?

McCollum, who hired Mary Cheney to do some dirty work, has been happy to report his opponent is an investor in QuePasa.com, “one of the world’s largest trilingual Latino Social Networks online” for non-U.S. users. And yes, there are gay people on there next to straights! “[A]s McCollum’s campaign ties Scott to the site, it points out that gays also use the site for dating,” notes CNN’s Shannon Travis. “Kristy Campbell, communications director for McCollum, acknowledged to CNN the campaign is pointing out Scott’s ties to QuePasa.com. But Campbell said it was in response to the e-mail from Scott’s campaign. ‘The hypocrisy and bizarre desperate attacks against Attorney General McCollum by Rick Scott in this campaign know no bounds,’ Campbell told CNN.”

Now if Scott were smart, and truly dedicated to gay baiting, he would set up a fake profile for McCollum and list his interests as “cruising truck stops along Route 95.” I’d friend him.

But if Scott were genius, he’d simply point out that McCollum, who hired George Alan Rekers as an “expert” witness in Florida’s gay adoption mess, has much more experience with finding guys online.

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  • greybat

    Good idea! There’s a nice Profile shot right here.

  • 7

    I hate Florida. Can’t wait to get the fuck out of here.

  • whatever

    What’s in the water in Flori-duh? First Rubio, now one of these pricks

  • Jack LEE

    Hey Me and my Family just moved here from Gulf shores Alabama to the Florida panhandle aka Lower Alabama :) We Just got are Republican voter registration filed out .A lot of Alabama people are moving here from gulf shores due to the oil spill. Its amazing how many foreclosed homes and short sales are being bought up by Alabama Mississippi residents and we are doing everything we can to make sure Florida is a solid Red state and not a battleground state anymore. I think we can easily get a solid 200,000 + Republicans to add to the states voter roles by 2012.So we can make sure to defeat Obama

    + We need to stop the democrats from any kind of control that will lead Florida to the same path of other Failed Deep blue States like California, Nj, MA, Michigan .Look at the 2010 census people are all leaving deep blue states and entering Deep red states due to failed Democratic policy’s that drives taxes up and drives business ,jobs and wealth to leave. Texas will be the biggest winner from the 2010 census, and Texas has been under Republican control for over 10 years. If republicans are so bad why is the us population Leavening solid Democratic states to solid Republican states ! Why are the states that still have unemployment below 5 % Solid red states ? Democrats are Destroying the middle class By taxing rich and the corporations that offer jobs. When was the last time a poor person ever gave you a job ? This is why I vote republican and why we will make sure Florida Will be never called a battleground state again
    Vote Republican
    Vote Rick Scott for governor
    Vote Marco Rubio Us Senate

    Rick Scott For Govener

    Rubio for senate

  • Tessie Tura

    @Jack LEE: And what part of Sarah Palin have you been sniffing?

  • jeffree

    @John Rogers: great article! More like this, por favor. Florida *is* a state worth watching for anyone interested in politics and GLB rights.

    @Jack LEE
    You’re posting this all over the internet. Problem is, you are at a GLBT site and failed to address your audience or speak about the *topic* of the thread. You are in serious need of media training, because your attempts to sway opinion m,issed the mark.

    You may also want 2 brush up on your demographics and history of Florida.

  • Kris

    If your in Florida, like me, vote for Meek…come on people we need to end all of this crap being published on the television..vote Democrat.

  • tjr101

    I see Florida is giving Arizona competition in the “who’s more nutty department.”

  • jeffree

    @TJR101 — you forgot to add Texas to your list ! :-}


    The Gays are using them there internets????? SHOCKING!!!


    Queerts: ya made a spelling error, Should read:

    Florida’s State Attorney General Bill McCollum and health care
    executive Rick Scott (pictured, R-L) both want to be the Republican prick for governor. So their campaigns are working tirelessly to………

  • JamesStone

    I hope the Dems are gathering all of this info..it’s great fuel for the November election!!!
    I wonder when the Republicans are going to realize that there are A LOT of gay voters in Florida???

  • Jack LEE

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average unemployment over the course of George W. Bush’s 96-month presidency was 5.25%. His worst full month was his last month in full month in office, December 2008, was 7.4%.

    The reality is that Obama is and will be much, much worse. After spending $800+ billion on ’stimulus’, the unemployment rate is right were it was one year ago at 9.5%. Obama is a novice at governing, with no exeuctive experience in government or the private sector, an idealogue, a re-distributionist socialist, a reflexive tax-raiser. Mark my words, things will not be better in November, they will be worse. Further, things will also not be better in two years from November, they will be worse

    This is what you get when you people fall for DEMACRATS HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT And policy that drives people out of Blue States and into Red States
    When was the last time you heard of family’s moving from Texas Florida or Alabama to try to seek a better life in the progressive north East! It doesn’t Happen. Due to the fact that that progressives and Democrats have made the North East unlivable due to there High tax and business policy’s. It also has nothing to do with the weather. For the first time Since California became a state in 2010 California is expected to not gain a congressional seat and could possibly lose one Due to mass influx of people leaving California Due to the same thing FAILED DEMACRATIC JOB KILLING POLICEYS.

    This is why I vote Republican

    Rick Scott For Governor
    Marco Rubio for Senate

  • Bill Perdue

    Demobots are whipping themselves up for another frenzy of pretending that the Republicans are somehow different than Democrats.

    They certainly aren’t more bigoted than Obama, who sabotaged same sex marriage in California and who defends fellow Democrat B. Clintons outrageously bigoted DADT and DOMA.

    Republicans aren’t worse at being lap dogs for militarism and oil companies and they aren’t worse about passing out trillions to the looter rich – they’re just not as smart about covering their asses as Obama and the Democrats. That’s why the looter rich much prefer working with Democrats like Obama and the Clintons – they’re greedier, they fool more people and they’re able to get away with a lot more than Republicans.

    The total failures of the Obama administration include health care reform, their inability to stabilize the economy, end mass unemployment and mass homelessness, curb their anti-LGBT bigotry, cap the oil spill (instead of respecting Haliburton and BPs ‘property rights’) and their relentless expansion of racist wars to make the world safe for BP and Haliburton (at the cost of thousands of GI lives and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives) is very bad news for American workers and consumers.

    A Republican politician is a rancid right centrist with a theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat politician is a Republican in drag. This fall that will translate into very bad news for Democrats. We should help all we can by boycotting the elections or voting for a left party. A vote for any Democrat or any Republican is a wasted vote.


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  • JamesStone

    @Jack LEE: I would GLADLY vote Republican if they cut their chains with evangelical Christians and stopped trying to get into my bedroom and take rights away from me. My partner and I have been together for nearly 20 years. We cannot marry in my state..we have to pay over $450 for his health insurance because he is self employed..if we were married like my straight friends he could be enrolled on my plan for almost nothing. When are they going to wake up and invite gay Americans to come under their tent??

    I cannot vote for a party that wants to keep my partner and I as second class citizens…

  • David McCormack

    As a CEO myself, we do what we have to do for the bottom line that we get our stock options. It is better to defraud and get caught and then only pay back only a portion of what we defrauded the government out of, than let the company bottom line suffer. That’s our job. We don’t pay back the bonus we received, the company pays back only a small portion of what they received. Is Rick Scott honest and the best to the job? Hell no but he knows how to manipulate the system to serve his needs so well you have to admire him. How do you think he got all of his money for his advertisement’s he has on TV? You all have to learn that this is just life that will not change so get used to it.

    David McCormack (FL)

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  • wha??

    Are you sure that picture is Rick Scott. I think it may be Max Headroom.

  • David McCormack - FL

    As a CEO myself with HMA we do what we have to do for the bottom line to keep bed full, produce revenue that we make a profit, get our stock options and the bonus we deserve. It is better to defraud and get caught and then only pay back a portion of what we received from the government, then to let the company bottom line suffer. That’s our job. We don’t pay back the bonus we received; and the company pays back only a portion of what they received, never all of what we received goes back to the government. its lost and forgotten, a write off of the government and we write off the payback on our company earnings financials as well. Using Rick Scott as the example; is he honest and the best to the job? Hell no but he knows how to manipulate the system so well you have to admire him. He is what healthcare is all about.
    This is how it is and how it shall remain, so everyone out there needs to get used to it and stop dreaming of things that it will never come or change. You don’t want it to change, you need and want us out here.
    David McCormack – FL

  • Jeffree

    @ David McCormack : You may as well have said “As the dictator of a small Latin American nation, we do what we have to do to keep our minority population underfed and and under control.”

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