Body of work

Can you see the painted bodybuilder in the barely-there bikini?

Wonderful things they can do nowadays.

U.K.-based freelance makeup artist Carolyn Roper has become an internet sensation thanks to her “urban camouflage” images, in which she paints naked people to blend into their city settings.

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Now, she’s participating in the British series Naked and Invisible, a collection of shorts in which the artist helps people hide in pain sight. Then they start popping out and surprising pedestrians and scaring the children.

One of her subjects is a 27-year-old fitness trainer named Ashley Lewis, who wanted to be part of the show since his physique makes him stand out in a crowd.

“The way I look makes me stand out,” he says. “People look at my arms. I think every guy wants to have a six-pack or some sort of definition in their stomach.”

Here’s what he looked like before the transformation:

TBT – When you're trying to stay #shredded and #bulk ?To get bigger or stay lean ?

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It took five hours for Roper to paint Lewis’s body. By the time she finished, Lewis perfectly melded into a supermarket’s produce section.

Watch the incredible video below: Unicorn Booty