Can This Gay Vlogger Become Famous By Simply Wishing It?

Well, he’s come out and said it: Xem Van Adams wants his own television show.

The regular vlogger, who maintains a celebrity blog and was last seen here discussing Morehouse, says his goal to become a media sensation is a noble one: He wants to put another, different face on a network like Logo or Bravo or ABC.

But here’s Xem’s bigger message: Famewhoring is okay!

And we agree. Every day we open our inbox and find at least a dozen messages from self-promoting gays. Sometimes we oblige; more often, we don’t. Por ejemplo, we got an email from straight-person-interviewer and Queerty regular Davey Wavey asking us to interview him — it’s a buried email we just found as we were typing this, so not responding yet isn’t a a “no,” Davey! Maybe we will sit down with ya. But for now, we’re kicking back enjoying your shameless self-promotion. Our readers? Less so.

But we like what Xem is on to: “My message overall: Reach a level of fame by any means necessary. Speak your level of fame into existence. Never fear what you don’t know.” If it sounds like The Secret, it’s because it is.

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