Can This Guy Take You To New Heights Of Sexual Ecstasy?

Masturbation is probably God’s greatest gift to man—pure pleasure with no assembly required (and no calories!). But inventor Jack Campbell thinks he’s come up with a device that can improve on what the good Lord gave us.

Introducing the JackStrap (link NSFW), a self-pleasure aid that enables users to—how shall we say this scientifically?—pull on their meat while simultaneously yanking on their two veg.

Essentially a black silicone strap with two loops, the device wraps around the base of the testicles on one end and the two middle fingers of your jack-off hand on the other. So every stroke of your Tom Johnson pulls on the JackStrap and tugs on your balls, “causing lots of bouncing and swinging that radically adds to the joy of masturbation,” reads the press release.

Presumably this frees your other hand to fast-forward, turn the page or order a pizza.

“Every guy knows how great it feels to jerk off, and how nice it feels to have your balls rubbed. Now there’s a simple way to get both feelings at once,” says Campbell (above), whose toy retails for $29.99.  “If you like the idea of having your balls jiggled and bounced when you jack off, then what do you have to lose by giving it a try?”

His mother must be so proud.

Photos via JackStrap