Can Warsaw’s National Museum Change Anti-Gay Poland By Showing Faggy Art?

Even though Poland’s anti-gay prez recently died, a majority of Poles still oppose gay marriage, adoption, protests, and PDA. The director of the National Museum in Warsaw wants to change that. His museum’s hosting a 3-month homoerotic art exhibit. The show has already gotten political criticism and demonstration threats even though it doesn’t open until tomorrow. In fact, the curator has said “I am not certain what will happen when the exhibition opens.” Flames, meet gasoline.

The show is called Ars Homo Erotic and will feature male nudes and same-sex couples depicted in ancient sculpture, contemporary painting, and photography. And while all of the works won’t be as blatantly gay as Blue Noses, An Epoch of Clemency (above), the nation’s largest museum is still sure to provoke anti-gay citizens with such works.

Protestors could feasibly destroy artwork or use intimidation to reduce patronage, but it will be more interesting to see if the director is right in his hope that a little acrylic and canvas can change minds.

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