Can We All Agree That Bianca Del Rio Is Going To Win RuPaul’s Drag Race?

bianca-del-rio-winnerWe’ve learned some very important lessons throughout the last six seasons of RuPaul‘s Drag Race, like how to read, how to shade (your face), and how to take offense out of any insult by prefacing it with “No tea no shade.”

Perhaps the most invaluable lesson we’ve learned, however, is that the winner of any given season becomes obvious once RuPaul narrows her queens down to the final six.

We’ve made it to the final stretch in season 6 where queens will begin falling in the most calculated way possible, paving the road for Bianca Del Rio to take the crown and become America’s Next Drag Superstar for the next calendar year. Beside her will be two polished and professional queens, BenDeLaCreme and Courtney Act. Under them will be the two eager and entertaining final five runners-up Joslyn Fox and Adore Delano. Beneath them (and everyone, really) is Darienne Lake, the bitch.

At this point, it’s silly to think anyone but Bianca Del Rio will win. We saw the same thing happen two years ago with Sharon Needles and last year with Jinkx Monsoon. Don’t ignore the warning signs — the most obvious choice is always RuPaul’s final choice.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s chat about last night’s episode.


She-mail is officially gone

After the Advocate launched a crusade against RuPaul to police her use of the phrase “you’ve got she-mail,” producers officially took the iconic phrase out of the show. R.I.P. she-mail.


What’s up with these awful challenges?

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the seven remaining queens were finally allowed to work independently, appearing for the first time in Drag Race history as talk show hosts being forced through painful dialogue with guests that, in my opinion, could not have been any more uninteresting and uninspired.

Each of the seven remaining queens were ordered to “fill in” as guest hosts on The RuPaul Show, during which they would write and direct an interview with Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt, two descendants of Cher that didn’t want to talk much about Cher during the interview (did they think this was an actual interview for an actual show?) Like most of the challenges so far this year, it seemed like a good concept that could have been great had it been developed over the course of a full hour, but it felt totally rushed and only a couple minutes from each queens’ interview made it to air.

When this season is over, it will be forever remembered as the one with the least interesting and most rushed challenges. The producers got ahead of themselves thinking of deeply conceptual challenges and didn’t realize there was no time to showcase it. This episode, we got a quick glimpse of the queens filming intros to their talk shows and lip-syncing a song — where the hell did that footage end up? Why was there no “final product” for each queen’s show? All we got to see this week was a rough cut of the actual interview; for a season that boasted such a high production value, it seems to have been managed very poorly.


How awkward was Darienne Lake?

I’d say for the most part, every interview was a painfully awkward segment I wanted to run from. But Darienne Lake takes the cake with her off-the-cuff remarks about Chaz “becoming a man” and things he does differently “now that he’s a man.”

Where the hell is Parker Molloy when her megaphone is needed? How is RuPaul labeled “transphobic” for using the term “she-male,” yet Darienne Lake is given a pass for being so blatantly transphobic and insensitive to trans issues? Her ignorance is almost as offensive as that cheap clip-on earring that fell off her head in the middle of the interview; the fact that she’s even still in this competition is an embarrassment to the franchise at this point.

Her awfulness was finally brought to the table during Untucked, when Bianca finally called her out for being a “mean bitch.” She should have been read for wearing another bed sheet down the runway, but I think she’s just so hopeless at this point that reading her would be a waste of breath.


Has this entire season jumped the shark?

Maybe it was just the cheap wine I was drinking while watching, but I’m starting to feel like season 6 has jumped the shark. There were so many moments during episode 9 that I could tell were supposed to be emotional and/or triumphant, but now that a clear winner has emerged, the last leg of the Drag Race has begun, and it’s only a matter of time before another winner is crowned.


With that, here are the ho-hum things that happened during episode 9:

Courtney Act has decided to play the “I’m so incredible, what could I possibly learn from Drag Race?” card. I do like what she’s brought to the table, and I still believe she’ll wind up in the final three, but she seems very removed from the competition at this point and I’m starting to think the Broadway challenge was the best she’s going to offer this season. That being said, I’m not sure what she did that was so incredible to win the challenge this week, but then again, I wasn’t impressed with anyone’s performance.

BenDeLaCreme had some time to talk about depression this episode, and made an unsurprising comeback after two weeks of being in the bottom. Her scuff with Darienne Lake has leveled out — perhaps it’s time for Darienne to finally leave next week.

Joslyn Fox’s episode revolved around an embarrassing moment during her interview, when she asked Holt whether her views on abortion had changed after giving birth to Cher. I was mildly offended at first, but after watching the episode again, it was clear that Joslyn didn’t mean any harm by the comment and only brought it up because Holt was very forthcoming with the story in her Lifetime documentary. She wasn’t necessarily offended by it. Just caught off guard.

Unfortunately, Lineysha Sparx Trinity K. Bonet’s success last week wasn’t enough to keep her in the game. She sashayed away after a lip synch against Adore and gave one last PSA before leaving the set. “You can still be happy and live life with HIV,” or something to that effect.

All the uninspired moments lead me to my final question:


Is there going to be another awful pre-taped crowning this year?

If the rest of the season is like what we’ve seen thus far, the only thing I’m looking forward to is the final crowning moment. This show has been heavily dogged on the last two years for pre-filming each of the final three being crowned the winner and revealing the true winner when the live broadcast happens.

Logo has done this to keep the winner a heavily-guarded secret until the moment it happens (not even the winning queen will know until premiere night), but it’s led to some awful and generic reactions from the past two winners. I’d actually rather hear a spoiler a week in advance and get a genuine reaction during the finale than hear the winner for the first time on finale night and get a standard pageant reaction.

Either way, Bianca will look flawless when she accepts the crown.


Darienne Lake

The queens were asked to serve “jungle fever” on the runway this week, and Darienne Lake interpreted that as “silver bed sheet is vaguely the same color as elephant” realness. The queens want to read Adore and Joslyn for wearing “off the rack,” but no one comes for Darienne wearing “off the mattress” week after week.


Adore Delano

I don’t really see where the queens come from when they read adore for wearing “off the rack.” Her dedication to leather is inspiring, and I think you’d have a tough time finding this Hannibal Lecter mask on any store rack.



I think this is the first time an insect has walked down the runway? DeLa’s look this week was perfectly executed and comes at a great time. The judges asked her to be more vulnerable moving forward and, really, how much more vulnerable can you be after walking the runway in a headpiece like that?


Bianca Del Rio

Bianca deserves to win this whole competition based on this look alone. Quite possibly one of the greatest in Drag Race history.


Joslyn Fox

The tuck was extreme this week. That’s all I have to say.


Trinity K. Bonet

I’ll congratulate Trinity on this incredible look once I figure out what the hell “birds of a feather flock together realness” is. The best part about watching her sashay away this week is knowing I won’t have to hear her butcher the English language anymore. Her continually referring to Chaz as “Chad” this week was painful to watch.


Courtney Act

“I wanna see this on blogs, I wanna see this on Facebook,” Courtney says, as she walks to the end of the runway and opens up a pair of wings. It’s clear that the American exposure is the only real thing Courntey is looking for this year, so here’s your blog coverage, sweetheart.

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  • gskorich

    she knows it too, she walks around there like she has already won, handing out advice and criticism, what the hell is the big girl still doing there

  • BD

    Once again, your Darienne-hating and fat-shaming falls flat. Mostly because it’s more mean-spirited and over the top than she has even been on the show.

    I do agree that Bianca is the definite front-runner (since picking a winner ahead of time seems to be the main point of your recaps), but I have to take issue with your view of Drag Race herstory. I disagree that Jinkx was a foregone conclusion at the same point last season. I also think Bianca’s looks are only ever okay and I hope she’ll up the ante. A cinched, off-the-shoulder leopard print dress–granted, with cool makeup–for an animal runway is one of the fiercest ever? Ok gurl….

  • Polaro

    Will Bianca win? Probably.
    Should she win? Of course.
    Bianca, Ben and Courtney will be in the final 3. Adore will be the last to fall before the final. (She’s just too dumb to edge Ben or Courtney out, but it might happen.)
    Darienne drops next week – outlived her usefullness. Joslyn the week after.

    That’s my crystal ball gazing for this week.

  • Spike

    The challenges are getting weird. What next, make them drive a forklift, wow, that will create some awkward great television moments, I mean what drag queen has ever driven a forklift?!!? I’m guessing, Bianca has.

    Whomever wins, it’s going to be anti-climatic and a let down.

  • Cam


    I disagree, Darienne has been a nasty bully, so painting her as the victim is a real stretch.

    “””The producers got ahead of themselves thinking of deeply conceptual challenges and didn’t realize there was no time to showcase it. This episode, we got a quick glimpse of the queens filming intros to their talk shows and lip-syncing a song — where the hell did that footage end up?”””

    THANK YOU!!!! I get so sick of having the show spend forever on little unimportant details and then only show snippets of the actual challenge. There was a complete other line of jokes that Trinity told during her stand up that you only say on “Untucked” not on the actual show.

    How are we supposed to agree with the judges when we can’t see what they see, it’s ridiculous! Thank you for mentioning that!

  • Snapper59

    The greatest runway was Jinxx Monsoon walking out in a Latin-themed runway. Every girl looked like Carmen Miranda and Jinxx walked out with a white skull face looking ferociously sexy. RuPaul gasped and Michelle said “Drag of the dead!” It was the most surprising look outside of Milk’s “Backstage RuPaul”.

  • robho3

    Bianca is the winner and the least irritating of all of them.

  • Daveliam

    While I don’t like Darienne, the hate being thrown at her in the recaps seems excessive. She’s mean and spiteful, but her looks are always put together (including this week where her long sleeves represented the elephant ears and the long piece of fabric in the front represented the trunk) and she is quick and funny, when she isn’t trying to be a bitch. I don’t like her that much, but to treat her like she’s a no-talent hack is unfair.

    I agree that Bianca is going to win and that she’ll end up in the finale with some combination of Adore, Ben, and Courtney.

  • DarkZephyr

    Personally I read Drag Race recaps because I am a fan of the show and I want to hear what another FAN has to say, whoever writes these recaps is NOT a fan, I mean every line was snark. EVERY LINE. Sure there should be SOME snark, but every single %$#&**% line? No thanks!

    And I agree with those who are accusing this recapper of fat shaming, its very true. I agree that Darienne is far too mean for her own good, but she looked amazing this runway. Her tits were right, her make up was right, the tusk earrings were f***ing awesome. Its dumb to say she is talentless. Its just spite.

  • DarkZephyr

    And btw, don’t invoke that homophobic misandristic bitch Parker Molloy for God’s Sake! Are you f***ing crazy???

  • wakeupscreaming

    I think the winner will be Delano.

    The whole Trans/Advocate writing campaign eerily gives credence to the existence of a “gay mafia”, or in this case, trans mafia.

    I don’t agree with censoring “She-mail”. Surprisingly, my use of the word doesn’t make me want to discriminate hiring someone trans.

    Because I’m a “sissy”, should I start up a writing campaign and have them get rid of that reference as well? Someone is always going to be offended by something.

  • tookietookie

    My opinion –

    1) Bianca – the cheetah look was completely fierce, her style leaning into bringing it up the next level. She embodies mythological looks…true they are drawn in dark lines and villainess archetypes, but she is obviously also a good person, and deserves the win. It seems a bit fait accompli, but most people don’t know that phrase, so que sera.

    2) Ben – You had me at Golden Girls kitchen cheesecake. The real deal. However, there have been stumbles and a certain removedness from Ben’s personality that if other queens have been called for their personality flaws, well then so should she.

    3) Courtney – Actually not my choice for the top. She has been consistently pretty (I loved the sleeping bag/lingerie look, and the angel wings), but also consistently boring. She is a mixed bag, dispassionate in a way I like, but also superior in a way I do not like.

    4) Adore – A cutie full of heart, and I applaud her belief in the 80’s Hot Topic aesthetic even though it had passed. #Depechemodeneverdie The lip sync was solid, but if Trinity has to sashay away this week due to “building confidence story arc but didn’t quite make it”, then to be fair so should Adore.

    5) Darienne – I’ve heard this mean bitch thing about her, but imo it seems like hyperbole. This is no Roxy or PhiPhi or Tatiana situation. Darienne embodies this weird mix of awesome but not quite bringing it that is like not being able to get to sleep but still having dreams. She sort of crosses my wires, because like this week I think the elephant concept was inspired, but her silhouettes are meh.

    6) Trinity – Beautiful runway look, but yucky colors. The movement of the feathers was fluid, but the whole thing said ‘Thanksgiving with the grandparents’. Her interview was bad too, which upon reflection was just her performing poorly in a job interview (the job being Next Drag Superstar). She wasn’t a 100% go home in this case, but the odds weren’t helping her.

  • tookietookie

    7) Whoops! I forgot Joslyn. Well that says something. She was brilliant to watch throughout much of the competition, and I do love her and believe in her as a rising star. But I fear she has met the Peter Principle. The cringeworthy interview was a big misstep.

  • Vince Smetana

    “At this point, it’s silly to think anyone but Bianca Del Rio will win.”

    It has been silly all season. You only got the memo last week. Now, you think you’re an expert on the matter?

  • hotshot70

    I feel Bianca should NOT win. SHe is a professional, she is already close friends with Rupaul and Lady Bunny. The contestants should be new to drag, not OLD CRONES! I want Adore to win, or Ben DeLaCreme.

  • Daveliam


    Isn’t Ben only five years younger than Bianca? How did you do the mental gymnastics to allow yourself to root for her despite your ageism?

    P.S. You sound a lot like Gia and Laganja with their “youth is everything” approach. You see how well that worked for them, right?

  • asby

    Why is some of the trans community so offended?……Most of them have or want nothing to do with the queer or gay movement….This is a drag show ..not some spin off of Miss Continental…..and i do love how Chaz had to point out the he was “comfortable in his hetrosexuality” while talking about how hot Courtney was….Even his grandmother said something about Chaz being “straight”

  • stranded


    I agree, i don’t like Darrienne and there’s a lot to read her for, but this post was just too mean spirited.

  • ptay85

    Agree that the final 3 will be Bianca, Dela and Courtney. I don’t know, Joshlyn may go before Darian. I love Dela but I don’t think another campy queen will win this year. Courtney is beautiful, but not as well rounded as the others. Bianca to win, for sure. She is amazing and everything I want to be.

  • moonwalker_jd

    @BD: Totally agree. I mean, if the nobody who writes these articles really knew a thing about drag culture, he would know that being a little bitchy now and then is also part of being a drag queen. I love Darienne as much as I love Bianca, and to me, any of the contestants could win. (except Joslin, she really doesn’t have what it takes :S) Just to exemplify, a few weeks ago Queerty was saying that De la Creme was going to win and now they have changed their mind. OK… Where’s Queerty’s integrity? If Queerty wants to be recognized as a serious blog and not just another Perez Hilton rip-off then they should be a little more subjective with their critics and not personalize too much. The fact that De la Creme when from the top to the bottom in just one week proves that at this point ANY OF THEM could snatch the crown.

  • rextrek

    well for me in this order it’s – Bianca, BenDelaCrem, and Courtney…the next to go should be Darien or Joslyn…then Adore

  • TVC 15

    Bianca has been my hero this whole season. She’s very perceptive, and just tells it like it is. She doesn’t mince words. She’s someone I’d totally be friends with because I know that she’s not afraid to tell the truth, as a friend should. Even when she’s “read” the other girls, it has been to help them.

    She stumbled in her interview segment, but her runway was solid, as she’s been all season. Very Patrick Nagel art.

  • bounce

    “appearing for the first time in Drag Race history as talk show hosts”
    Oy, again? In the Oprah challenge first season, the queens interviewed Dean and Tori as talk show hosts. And if we’re really getting into it, Manila and Mariah interviewed Kristin Cavallari in the QNN challenge in season three. Double-check your info, please.

  • blondeboyz

    Wrong! Bianca is a vocal bully who uses slight humor to deliver hateful put downs. Darienne Lake needs to go now. Adore needs to strip out of his boy clothes, crawl into my bed, zip his mouth and put his ass up in the air. Courtney Act is going to win.

  • Franco C.

    Wow, the author is so mean to Darienne Lake. I think she’s great.

  • xamthor

    Why is this not a meme yet?

  • Cam

    @hotshot70: said…

    “I feel Bianca should NOT win. SHe is a professional, she is already close friends with Rupaul and Lady Bunny. The contestants should be new to drag, not OLD CRONES! I


    1. This show is supposedly looking for the next Drag Superstar, it isn’t RuPaul’s School for girls giving $100,000 for most improved.

    2. Most decent drag queens know each other, it is a small community and if you are in any of the contests etc.. you will pretty much meet all the others.

  • carey579

    @Cam – I can’t believe I was arguing about masculinity with a RuPaul’s Drag Race watching queen! O_O

  • Andrew

    Though I know that Trinity isn’t going to make it much farther, I was SHOCKED when she ended up in the bottom two. Joslyn’s interview was horrible, and her look on the runway was totally uninspired and off-the-mark. At least, Trinity had a great outfit. Shocked.

  • Andrew

    @asby: Agreed! I too caught the “heterosexuality” remark. Excuse me as I roll my eyes.

  • Chico

    News flash: the fat shaming used on Lake makes the author every bit as catty as her, possibly even more so.

  • Jonathon

    Okay other than this being a slightly hate filled blog post.
    Does no one remember in the first season, the Queens had to do a commercial, read a teleprompter, and do a Talk show with Tori Spelling and Dean. This was not the first time this has happened people.

    Though I will admit, it was a lot more successful last time and still got destroyed this time.

  • blueshoe40

    Any writer who starts an article with “Can we all agree” is annoying. The rest of the story just proved my point. Perhaps you’re thinking too hard about this show.

  • SeanD

    Every bit of this recap was overly opinionated and the in-your-face Darienne bashing is inexcusable. She is far from being a favorite for me either but she is polished, intelligent, quick witted and very talented. I felt she excelled at a few of the challenges.
    Perhaps I am just different – I can dislike someone on the basis of their character and personality but I will praise them to high heaven if they do something well because I don’t feel the two should be related. All I got from reading this was that the writer has an agenda and I agree with an earlier comment that it does not feel as if it is coming from a fan of the show.

    As for the current season – I disagree with many of the comments. I’m actually enjoying Drag Race again after being thoroughly disappointed last season with just about all of them except the final 3. Bianca is by far my favorite but I love BenDeLaCreme and Adore. Courtney is pure delight to look at but I find her a bit boring. Trinity was weak in many challenges, but consistently incredible on the runway and lip syncs.

    It seems like some people are losing sight of the fact that this is a competition and the format makes it possible for some queens to go home by botching a challenge, even if they are stronger than their competitors overall. That’s the point of bringing you A game every time. Just because we love a particular girl doesn’t mean they should get a pass. Milk is a prime example. Different and fierce in her own way but mostly weak compared to the other girls. (I’ve heard so many comments about how “hot” he is out of drag – please bring him back – but that is NOT what this show is about and it annoys me to no end every time I read it!). People also choose whom they want to make the biggest villain and Phi Phi, Roxxxy and Tatianna always get mentioned because they were polarizing, yet equally bitchy queens like Raven, Raja, Delta and even Manilla (on her season)were just as spiteful. I see the same thing now with Darienne. Yes she is bitchy (what drag queen isn’t at some point), but she is hardly deserving of the spite and bile that was regurgitated by the author of this piece.

    So while I agree that Bianca is the clear winner – I’m enjoying the entire ride and appreciate all of these girls for making Monday night fun for me.

  • SeanD

    **bringing “YOUR” A game. (typo)

  • mpwaite

    Okay… As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act has been winning important challenges… Bianca has been “SAFE”… I think it will be a close race between both of these Queens. Of course, and I’m not counting our Ben De La Creme either… She could surprise ALL OF US… She could be the Jinxx Monsoon…

    I think EVERYONE will agree that the top three will be

    Bianaca Del Rio
    Courtney Act
    Ben De La Creme

    The other girls really just need to try to do their best not to lipsync and go home… I sure hope Darienne is next, however, pretty sure it will be Josyln Fox..hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what bathing suit(s) she’ll be wearing next week…..

  • Cam

    @carey579: said…

    “@Cam – I can’t believe I was arguing about masculinity with a RuPaul’s Drag Race watching queen! O_O


    1. You clicked on this story also.

    2. I called you self hating back on the other post, and look at how right I was. Anti-gay slurs and obvious issues with being gay. I have news for you, if you have a dick and guys get it hard, then you are gay, and whether or not you watch RuPaul doesn’t change that. And calling other gays “Queen” isn’t going to make mommy and daddy or your bigoted friends accept you any more.


  • Cam


    Exactly, Chaz made a big deal about being “Heterosexual” and remember, he is the one who attacked Ellen for being “Too Gay”.

  • mr80439

    apparently I’m the only one who’s not #teambianca

  • Large Marge

    Calling Bianca the winner is not a foregone conclusion. We RuPaulogize have assigned point values to their performances and right now Ben & Bianca are tied and Adore is just slightly behind.

    I’d pick Ben/Bianca as the winner and Adore in 3rd just based on the numbers and not personal bias or favorites which is what the author is doing.

  • Large Marge

    It may be somewhat an arbitrary point system, but it’s not awarded arbitrarily… it’s based on the performance of how the judges rated them, not us. It’s proven accurate for 4/5 of the last eliminations prediction-wise (except milk who was ahead of 2 other queens in points at the time)

    Points were assigned as follows which is better than arbitrary and biased ‘feelings’ about who should win:

    5 points to the winner
    4 points to any top look
    3 points for those deemed ‘safe’
    2 points for those with the poor looks
    1 point if you have to lip-sync for your life
    0 points if you are eliminated
    1 bonus point if you won the mini-challenge

  • Large Marge

    “We’ve made it to the final stretch in season 6 where queens will begin falling in the most calculated way possible, paving the road for Bianca Del Rio to take the crown and become America’s Next Drag Superstar for the next calendar year. Beside her will be two polished and professional queens, BenDeLaCreme and Courtney Act.”

    You have zero basis to claim Bianca is the winner except your personal bias… some of us have done the math and Bianca and Ben are currently tied.

    To claim that Courtney is worthy of 3rd is ludicrous and the data doesn’t support it. Courtney is great at face and singing but can’t do [email protected] all else. She’s the most mediocre queen of the season. Adore at least has potential.

  • AxelDC

    I completely disagree that it has “jumped the shark” this year. I thought the show had died last season, but suddenly they found some very interesting talent for Season 6. This season might buy RuPaul another 2-3 years on the year, whereas a repeat of last season would have killed it off.

    As for the winner, Bianca is clearly in the running, but Ben could win as well. Courtney is my 3rd choice. There is a huge dropoff for 4th, so I expect to see Bianca, Ben and Courtney in the final.

    Joslyn and Darienne are the next to go. I think Adore will make it to the penultimate episode, so it’s a tossup of whether Joslyn or Darienne leaves next week. I am glad that someone called Darienne out on her nastiness last week. Her obsession with Ben is bordering on Kathy Bates level.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Okay… As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act has been winning important challenges… Bianca has been “SAFE”

    NO. Here’s the official record; the Wiki page is the final arbiter :'s_Drag_Race_(season_6)




    And the only reason Bianca was SAFE in Ep 4 was because she was in the ensemble and only the 3 main characters scored WIN/HIGH. Ben, Adore, Courtney. EVERYBODY else was safe.

  • Alpha

    I feel like the shaming of Darienne Lake is uncalled for. Also, am I the only one that feels like her rampant nasty attitude and hatred for BenDeLa came out of left field? I thought she was funny and I actually liked her until this random nastiness came out.

    #TeamClownFish. I’m all for Bianca Del Rio for the win.

    I’m also nearly fell on the floor when Joselyn didn’t make the bottom two this week. She flubbed the interview badly (almost all of them did, really) and her runway look was complete rubbish. I understand why they sent Trinity home, and I guess the strikes against her outweighed the shit job Joselyn did.

    Personally, knowing the next challenge is going to be the dressing up outsiders in drag challenge, I feel like I can guess the bottom two. I feel like Courtney Act will def. be in the bottom two next week. She’ll either go up against Darienne or Joselyn, as they’re both the weakest overall, I feel like. I do think top three will be BenDeLa, Courtney and Bianca, but that Courtney will fail to make it only because she isn’t allowing herself to show vulnerability. She is hard to connect with and feels almost robotic compared to everyone else. I do like her, but I find her hard to connect with. I’m glad, ultimately, that she asked what she needed to do in order to stand out but I don’t think she’ll actually do anything about it because it requires her to step outside of her comfort zone. I think that this reason is why Chad lost to Sharon.

  • Courtney del rio

    Ok so I’m not trying to be a season spoiler with what I’m about to say here but…. Shortly after trinity k bonet was eliminated, I was looking on Wikipedia for season 6, I must have been on there during the actual update was being added, at that exact time I saw trinity k bonet was eliminated, however not a minute later after refreshing the page I look down and the bottom 2 names changed to Courtney act and joslyn foxx and it said Courtney was eliminated my heart jumped out of my chest as I am a Courtney fan and was devistated, I refreshed again and there was no bottom two names just darienne’s name saying she was eliminated, then….. I refreshed again shortly after and trinity was back there as the eliminated contestant and episode 10 had Adore Delano as the eliminated contestant and it even went as far as putting her in the “elimination graph” in red as the tenth contestant eliminated, and Courtney was apparently the winner of the challenge back to back, so After about 20 mins or so episode 10 had disappeared and only trinity k bonet was actually appearing as eliminated….. Now I am trying to understand what I just saw, could this be someone that knows the actual order and had gone ahead of themself when placing in the wiki data? And if so your top three will be joslyn foxx Ben del la creme and Bianca del rio. Courtney will lose a lip sync to joslyn foxx and adore should be next to go… Followed by either Courtney or darienne… I hope that’s not the case however but if I saw was correct you should now be able to prove this with the next episode and I shall have seen a glitch

  • giuseppi cesare

    This seasson is nothing interesting for me , reading a lot of comments weeks ago , everybody said , Bianca should win or is going to win ! … And some people said is time that a latina for win……she only speaks in english or speak spanish? Somebody knows it? Like Carmen Miranda her back ground is latin but she grove up in america and no speaks spanish , a latina shoud be someone that comes from another country ( latin one) and speaks in 2 languajes like Yessica Wild, Nina Flowers ,Yara Sophia , for me Bianca is not Latin … She is over exposed and if she really win the drag race , will be somenthig that already everybody knows so……..where is the emotion for see this contest ? , I feel disappointed about this seasson I didn’t saw nothing interesting , there weren’t good queens , we already know who’s going to win … Any way I like Courtney the most beautiful and polished queen from all seassons , there weren’t anyone like her , for me she should be the winner

  • Steve1964

    To items:
    First, I think there WAS a talk show challenge before…in “the lost season” perhaps? I remember Shannel doing the interview extremely well and someone else being told “you just asked me six questions at once.”

    Second, and I think I must say SPOILER ALERT:
    I saw a youtube video of Bianca Del Rio hosting some sort of show at a bar and she started talking to someone she brought up on stage and said “Manila! Manila!” and the person said something to which Bianca replied “she didn’t win EITHER.” Leads me to believe that Bianca may not have won….

  • ClassClown

    Bianca’s new movie project sounds awesome! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, look at . No one is safe…!!!

  • tallbeartx

    Appearing for the first time in Drag Race history as talk show hosts? Am I the only one who remembers the contestants interviewing Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott?

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