Can We Get All of America’s Exiled Queer Teens Together for a Group Hug?

Is anyone else loving the fact that Constance McMillen (the Mississippi lesbian banished from prom) and Ceara Sturgis (denied the chance to appear in her yearbook wearing a tuxedo), who grew up 250 miles from each other, are now hanging out? “McMillen reached out to Sturgis after viewing a Facebook site the MSSC set up to promote Sturgis’ cause,” notes CNN. Now all we need is same-sex prom dater Derrick Martin bringing up the rear, and Captain Planet will materialize or something.

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    Damm, How did I ever miss Justin Beiber commin out????? :-p

  • Pip

    That’s one fabulous young lady!

  • Ogre Magi

    Good for them!

  • Michael

    Any predictions on when the bowl haircut will go back out of “style?”

  • Henry Holland

    As someone who is old enough to have had the mullet be THE hairstyle for men when I was in high school, I refuse to throw stones at the styles kids today wear.

  • big_red737

    I’m so proud for all of these high school kids who have stood up and taken a stand this year. I grew up in a tiny rural town similar to Ceara and I never would have had the courage to do what she, Constance or Derrick have done, let alone even be out. Good for them! I truly believe a better day is coming.

  • drums

    She seems like a very sweet girl, and it’s sad that educators forget that they’re there to help children learn, not to cast personal judgements. It sucks that she has to suffer because her principal can’t be professional about it. I almost started tearing up when she did. I’m just glad that she has a supportive mom and friends to help her through.

  • Lookyloo

    I’m a gay guy and I’m attracted to Ceara Sturgis because she looks like a cute, stocky boy. Yet, she’s a girl. Does that mean I’m not gay?

  • Samwise

    @Lookyloo: No, it means she looks like a cute, stocky boy.

    And I for one love the bowl haircut.

  • swarm

    Yeah you can get them all together right after you get all the adult queers together.

    Then again, judging by these remarks and the rest of the country’s hot topics, the ONLY LGBT activists right now are children. Until they become disenchanted and start posting on Queerty with a bunch of hair comments. Prolly will happen in about 5 years I’m guessing.

  • Travis

    “Would anyone hurt like I hurt?”

    Truly broke my heart. Poor girl.

  • David Ehrenstein

    I love and admire these kids so much.

  • samthor

    let’s get all of the exiled teens and sign them up to vote! or get them in politics as community organizers! instead of encouraging them to be shallow idiots who’s only concern are hairstyles; get them in law school and do some serious ass kicking home and abroad.

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