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Can We Interest You In A Lindsay Lohan Drag Theater Experience?

D’Arcy Drollinger, the New York and San Francisco-based theater producer-director, isn’t above donning a wig and dancing in the street to make a few bucks. Or so I’ve heard. But this time around he wants to don a wig and exit from behind a curtain in Project: Lohan, his own “multi-media, gender bending theatrical experience” that “chronicles the life of Lindsay Lohan: actress, singer and tabloid queen.” (Of course she is just “Lindsay” now.) But he needs your money. And I need another post. So this is my attempt to put him over the edge in his $5,000 fundraising effort at Kickstart. If he can get the cash, this baby launches next month in NYC. Donate a thousand bucks, and D’Arcy will go on a date with you. Seriously. But why are we really, truthfully, in all honesty encouraging you to donate funds? Because, selfishly, we want to see this thing debut. So head over here and give up some cash. You’ve only got like, two days, bitches.