Can We Stop It With The Gay Male Prom Queens Already?

Sanford High School senior Christian Nelsen and his boyfriend Caleb Jett just got crowned prom king and queen. Ugh.

Look, we get it. Hooray for bucking patriarchal traditions while raising awareness about equal rights and gender equity! And good on Jett for winning prom queen through a bunch of write-ins. Fun, fun. OK, fine.

But even though proms are elitist, sexist bullshit, the idea of a gay guy denying a young woman a shot at the tiara just to make a point has always seemed odd, over-privileged, and even a tad misogynist (to me anyway). Why should women have to lose just for a man to make a point about gay rights? It seems unfair, but I’m probably over-reacting.

Imagine if Nelson the prom king and Jett his date stood onstage with the prom queen and her date. Homos and heteros ruling the high school in peace—now there’s a photo op.