Can You Name All The Bigots Attending NOM’s Bus Tour?

Today marks the start of the National Organization for Marriage’s Values Bus Tour! They’ve teamed up with the certified hate group the Family Research Council and the anti-abortion woman’s organization the Susan B. Anthony List to help spread their message of keeping queers down and abortions unavailable across the politically-strategic state of Iowa!

So to celebrate, let’s play a fun game: how many of the bigots standing in front of the bus can you name? The winner gets a nickel!

Jeremy Hooper from Good As You is here to provide answers:

So let’s see who we’ve got there. There’s Bob Vander Plaats, a man who, along with his Family Leader group, has continually pushed the idea that homosexuality is a public health risk on par with smoking. There’s Chuck Hurley, who has asked straight students to pray for the “healing of openly gay students” and said that gays’ civil marriages are “a degradation of God’s best design for the family.” There’s NOM’s Chris Plante, a man who has likened gay parents to *DEAD* parents and said that gay couples tend to see their kids as nothing more than trendy “accessories.” There’e Marilyn Musgrave, the original FMA co-sponsor who once told a Senate committee that same-sex marriage is as “antithetical to our national character” as human slavery. And so on and so forth.

All of these staunchly condemnatory views are lining up behind GOP primary candidate Tim Pawlenty, just one of the three announced Republican candidates joining this tour (Bachmann and Santorum being the others).

Thanks Jeremy! If you’re in Iowa make sure to stop by one of their events, take lots of pictures, and talk to people to see how many of these views they also share. We’d love to hear all about it!

Image via Life News