Can You Survive Louis Virtel’s Haunted Haus Of Horrible Gay Fears?

You know what scares Verbal Vogueing YouTube-lebrity Louis Virtel? No, it’s not the haggy she-demon known as Ann Coulter. It’s one-ply toilet paper, CBS’ Fall Season, Madonna’s exoskeleton, and the year when Michael Jackson looked just like Janeane Garofalo.

Be sure to stick around to hear his scariest pick-up lines like “I think that heaven’s missing an angel, so I’m going to kill you” and “You’re so sweet you give me a toothache in my balls.” Sca-larious.

Via Towleroad

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  • I won't grow up

    This is just…………..S-A-D.

  • crushlovepanic

    Whatever. Virtel rocks. Hysterical, a great writer, and absolutely doable. I’ve been sending Verbal Vogueing to everyone I know. Love it.

  • Red Meat

    I lasted 10 seconds of that nasty tone.

  • Jaded?

    No. 1, who hurt you when you were little that took away your sense of humor?

    I usually like queerty but it’s notoriously filled with jaded bitchy people….

  • NateB79

    Twas amusing in parts.

  • Eric

    Oh dear lord…
    I facepalmed about twenty seconds in. I hoped the pickup lines would redeem the video, but no. Exactly the type of guy I would avoid in a club.

  • CBRad

    Leave it to scummy Towleroad to think that junk is worth watching.

  • Pap

    No, actually, Louis _is_ the kind of guy I would avoid in a club: I would be WAY too concerned that he would backstab me, and no matter how cute someone is, at the end of the day, trust is equally important if not moreso. And _that_ is probably why I’ve never picked anyone up in a club (though I did come close to dating the roommate of someone whom I first met in a club). Social priorities seem to be just plain wrong.

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