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Can You Tell Your Married Straight Friends to STFU on Facebook Already?


QUEERTY APPROVED — While you figure out whether it’s more P.C. to say “marriage equality” than “gay marriage,” having no right to marry should give you time to at least be (temporarily) thankful the government’s impediment on your civil rights means you’re probably not one of the jackasses on Facebook running their mouths about being married. STFU, Marrieds is our new favorite meme dedicated to the bitching, moaning, and boasting about married life. Seriously: STFU.

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  • ThatguyFromBoston

    I’m a strong proponent of telling people to Shut the Fuck up. I don’t need a reason other than the yapping of their mouths, or the clacking of their keyboards. While I’m at it, get off of my lawn.

  • glen

    What’s with the graphic about Bruce’s ‘penetrating’ eyes? I don’t get it.

    On another note, I think STFU would go nicely on a t-shirt! I could just look sternly at people and point :)

  • Alex

    Wow, bitter much? Whenever someone finds happiness, be they people I care about or total strangers, I’m glad for them (the exception being schmucks, fascists, and haters). If you don’t like what they have to say, don’t read it (like I don’t read most of the comments on this blog).

  • Tom in COS

    @Alex: Yes, we are bitter. And jaded. That’s why they call us “bitter, jaded queens”.

    Also the exchange between Nicole and Bruce was somewhat vomit inducing.

  • ask ena

    I have to say the “babe” thing seems particularly het.

  • Allyson

    You know what, 99% of what’s on Facebook, Twitter, etc is inane chatter about people’s lives. You don’t like it, don’t read it. End of story. Why tell people to STFU? And why SHOULD they? Not everyone wants to hear about the boring details of your boring life (or mine) either. We’re all gonna hear/see/read shit we don’t want to sometimes. This is minor, honey. Suck it up and deal.

  • kissmedeadly

    Damn, do any happy people read this blog? Love should be supported and celebrated!

  • Nickadoo

    If we have straight married people who would consider themselves friends of ours, and we consider themselves friends of theirs, enough so to add them to our Facebook, what logical reason would we have to be antagonistic toward them? Unless they’re telling us to STFU whenever we post a link to a story on gay rights or take a gay-related quiz, I would think it’s safe to assume they’re relatively tolerant and/or gay-friendly.

  • D-Sun

    @Tom in COS:



  • ThatguyFromBoston

    I think everyone would benefit by taking time to STFU.

  • Cam

    I read an exchange between two married friends on Facebook. I in no way want them to not be happy, but it was creepy. Like they were showing me pictures from their bedroom. It was SO lovey Dovey that I was thinking….um, do you guys never see each other and thats why you are posting this exchange on your profile?

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