Canada Doesn’t Believe Ugandan Woman is Gay

A Ugandan woman who has lived in Toronto since 2004 has been denied refugee status because the Canadian government doesn’t believe she’s a lesbian.

Leatitia Nanziri told CBC News she fled her homeland, where homosexuality is illegal, after she was outed by her girlfriend’s father. She said Ugandan police beat and raped her, resulting in a pregnancy. When she arrived in Canada, she was six months pregnant.

“They do mob justice, by stoning you…or bringing the tire of the car,” Nanziri said. “They bring it and light it and they put it on you until you melt into ashes.”

But because she had a relationship—and another child—with a man in Canada, her sexual orientation is being disputed. She’s scheduled to be deported on August 4.

Haven’t Canadian immigration officers ever heard of bisexuality?