Canada Gets Its First Openly Gay Fraternity

Although America has 28 chapters of Delta Lambda Phi (DLP), an all-gay fraternity, the icy expanses of Canada haven’t been infiltrated.

Until now! Sam Reisler has started a chapter at Montreal‘s McGill University—and nearly 20 rushees officially became brothers during a super-secret ceremony this past weekend, reports the Toronto Star.

“I thought they’d not be as accepting of gays. For me, frat guys were guys who liked to drink, party and get girls. But the more I found out the more that stereotype didn’t really exist,” said chapter president Daniel D’Alimonte (above left, with Reisler).

None of the straights on campus seemed to mind, but there was a beef with the more left-leaning corners of campus: Some students complained the group was sexist for excluding girls. (The Greek system is apparently not that big in the Great White North.)

And the LGBT student group Queer McGill wasn’t happy with the language the frat used to define potential members: “males and those who identify as male.” According to Queer McGill administrator Elyse Lewis, it sounded like trans men were “just pretending to be men.”  The boys of DLP agreed to reword their literature and the two groups plan to work closely in the future.

From all appearances, DLP doesn’t seem all that different from other fraternities, with one obvious complication: Dating another brother is discouraged, it but even Reisler admits it’s so inevitable.


Photos: Delta Lambda Phi, CTV