Canada “Killer” Has Criminal Past, Mental Problems

Suspected murderer Glen D. Race has a history with the law. The man accused of killing two openly gay Canadians and an American also found himself in custody on April 14, 2005, when police say he broke into a house “with the intent to commit an indictable offense,” Truro Daily News reports.

At the time, a judge ruled that Race should undergo an psychological examination. The results were anything but exemplary:

[Race] was remanded to the East Coast Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Dartmouth for an assessment to determine his fitness to stand trial and whether he could be considered criminally responsible for the alleged offences. The assessment said he had a serious psychiatric disorder, schizophrenia. He was deemed psychotic, but none of this affected his rationale with regard to specific actions.

Race agreed not to contact the home owner and went on his potentially murderous way.

A little over two years later, he’s in prison for the shooting death of Darcy Manor, as well as the murders of Michael Knott and Trevor Brewster, two gay men coppers speculate may have been cruising. Halifax police later issued a warning to gay men to avoid cruising in dangerous areas.
Mourners gathered at Brewster’s funeral yesterday, where Brewster’s friend, Floyd Donovan told the funereal party:

The thing is, it’s not about the gay community. It’s about Trevor. It’s about his family coming together and hoping to have peace.

The sermonizing Reverend Arthur Nash took some time to remind the crowd of one of the cardinal rules: “We do not have the right, any of us, to take another person’s life… For any reason, whatsoever.” Unfortunately, Glen Race didn’t get the message.

‘It’s not about the gay community’ [The Daily News]