Canada, Where Banning The Blood Of Faggots Is A Perfectly Reasonable Policy


Kyle Freeman, a Canadian who says he’s donated blood at least 18 times all the while lying about having had sex with men, owes the government $10,000 for his misdeeds after a court ruled the Canadian Blood Services can legally bar gay men (or rather, men who’ve had sex with men even once since 1977) from donating life-saving fluids — because they are not a government entity.

Meanwhile, Justice Catherine Aitken says in her decision that any discrimination against gay and bisexual men pales in comparison to the needs of those requiring blood transfusions. Patients “are asked to and must take a leap of faith that the blood or blood products they receive are safe. It is no wonder that blood recipients share an anxiety, at times elevated to fear, of the pathogens to which they may become exposed through the blood or blood products they receive.” Way to reinforce the stigma that gay men must be avoided at all costs!

Freeman himself wanted $250,000 in damages. Now he’s the one paying.