Canada Will Make You Gay

For those of you who think Canada’s our peaceful neighbor to the north, you’d better think again. According to Canadian author and Prespyterian minister Tristan Emmanuel, the land of the maple’s looking to destroy America.

In his new book, Warned: Canada’s Revolution against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America, Emmanuel writes:

Canada is being used as a staging ground to export radical liberalism and its being aimed right at America: everything from gay ‘marriage’ to polygamy to lowering the age of sexual consent and strengthening ‘human rights’ laws to protect prostitution. If it’s radically liberal, Canada is involved.

Pretty scary shit, huh? What’s most frightening, Emmanuel asserts, isn’t the legislation behind their mission, but their end result: to make America “go gay”.

By the time those canooks are through with us, they’ll be nothing left but homos floating in rivers of sissy syrup. Sure, if may sound like some sort of porntastic fantasy, but think about your dry cleaning bill. You’ve been warned.