Canada’s Anglican Churches Can Join Anti-Gay Network, So Long As They Leave Behind Their Church Property

Good luck stealing your churches: Four Canadian churches who split the Anglican Church of Canada (because they’re willing to tolerate the gays) for the more conservative Anglican Network in Canada will not get to keep their property, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled. Religion Clause: “The court held that ownership of parish properties remain with the Diocese. Under the Act to Incorporate the General Synod of the Church of England in Canada, parishes can dispose of property only with the consent of the Executive Committee and Bishop. Using the property for purposes related to ANiC amounts to improperly taking them outside the jurisdiction of the Diocese. The court also rejected the parishes’ argument that the property was held in trust for ministry consistent with historic, orthodox Anglican doctrine and practice. It held that only departure from core tenets or fundamental doctrine can breach a religious purpose trust. The blessing of same-sex unions does not engage core or fundamental doctrine.”