Canada’s Young Gays Have Trials, Tribulations

Despite being progressive on gay rights – and allowing gay marriage – young Canadian queers still face hardships:

In the first national survey on homophobia in Canadian schools, released last month by Egale Canada, participating LGBTQ teens overwhelmingly said they’re not treated as equals in the classroom. More than two-thirds, for example, reported feeling unsafe at school based on their sexuality, as opposed to one in five straight participants.

More than half of LGBTQ participants reported being verbally harassed, about half said they had mean rumours spread about them, and a quarter reported being physically harassed.

Although there are some positive social changes, like Canadians gaining gay marriage rights in 2005, the teen survey results show that LGBTQ people still aren’t treated as normal, Kennedy said.

This could explain why half of LGBTQ teens surveyed said they’ve told either only a few friends, or no one, of their sexual orientation.

Yeah, that sucks and all, but, things could be worse: you could be a teenager forever. Ahhhhhh!