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Canadian Catholic School Doesn’t Want Kids to Taste the Rainbow (Cupcakes)

So what if the pattern is a complete disgrace to color coordination enthusiasts? It’s hard to be pissed at the concept of a rainbow, right? Well not for them Catholics.

Even though an official GSA has been banned from forming at St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Ontario, administrators gave permission to the unofficial group to hold an anti-bullying, anti-homophobia event on campus under one condition… NO RAINBOWS!

Apparently, students were prohibited from putting up rainbow posters because they are associated with Pride. So teaching gay kids to be out and proud is an offending concept now?

The GSA founder Leanne Iskander, however, found a way to sneak some color into the event by baking cupcakes with rainbow batter. Munch on that!

Via Jezebel

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  • Colleen

    You mean no more Skittles either? Booooooooo!

  • offbeatoh86

    How did she make those?

  • Hue-Man

    Joe Rat has SS (Smarties Separation) brigades of priests who make sure that Smarties are sorted according to their color. No Kodachrome in RC schools, only Monochrome. And the geriatric closeted queens in charge, protecting the child molesters, wonder why sane people are laughing at them!

  • Casey

    That’s ridiculous that they’d ban rainbows… riDONKulous in fact!
    In other news, the photo of the rainbow cupcakes looks positively delicious…

  • TomMc

    In Ontario, Catholic schools are funded by ALL Ontario taxpayers, not just the Catholic ones. (And yes, the province of Ontario provides Catholic schools to children of Catholics for free.) For more:

  • Jonny

    Its funny that the Catholic school would have such a problem with Rainbows. Especially since it’s supposed to be God’s covenant with humans (Genesis 9:11-13).

  • zacht

    i need to know how to make those cupcakes in the picture – great technique!

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