Craig Chandler Loses Party Nomination Over 2002 Letter

Canadian Conservatives Anti-Gay Past Bites Back

Craig Chandler‘s homophobic history haunted his occupational hopes this weekend. The Canadian politico ‘ost Alberta’s Progressive Conservative nomination over his ties to an anti-gay letter:

The controversy surrounding Chandler began several years ago when a member of a group that he formed wrote a letter that suggested homosexuals were morally comparable to criminals such as pedophiles, drug dealers, and pimps.

The Tory decision to deny Chandler’s run for political office with their party came after a human rights commission ruled that a letter published by the Red Deer Advocate in 2002 broke provincial law. It also said that the letter may have led to the beating of a gay teenager in Red Deer.

The letter was written by Stephen Boissoin, a member of the Concerned Christian Coalition. Boissoin said Chandler — who was the former CEO of the coalition — was aware of the letter.

Alberta premier Ed Stelmach said that Chandler’s nomination was “not in the best interest of the party”.

Chandler, meanwhile, will not be dissuaded, “I’m not going away. I will be very, very involved in the upcoming election.” He’s obviously a man on an unholy mission.