Canadian Corporal Sentenced To 1 Year For Gay Club Attack That Left Man With Jaw Wired Shut

Michael Tscherkassow, a 25-year-old corporal in the Canadian Forces, will serve 12 months for beating Cody Garbutt in March 2009 as he was walking off the dancefloor at the since-shuttered gay club Play. Tscherkassow, who was convicted of aggravated assault during an October trial, bragged about the assault on Facebook, saying he “Superman-punched” someone. Rather than own up to the attack, Tscherkassow claimed Garbutt’s friend Kyle Roley was the one who punched him; the judge didn’t buy it. Garbutt, who suffered a broken jaw, nose, and damage to his right eye and mouth, required his jaw to be wired shut for five weeks while healing. He now has four steel plates in his face. A twelve-month punishment? Sounds like a vacation.

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  • votecthulhu

    Too bad military law didn’t apply to him in this case. 12 months in a military prison would be more appropriate.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Welcome to Canada. I love my country, but we are second to England for slap-on-the-wrist jail sentences.

  • kayla

    After that freak Karla “I had sex with my sister then killed her with my husband” Homolka, got such a light sentence in Canada, I lost absolutely all respect for their justice system…I don’t think they know what the word “punishment” actually means up there…Slaps on the wrists is par for the course up North!

  • TomMc

    No, the point is that they don’t care that the victim in this case was gay. If you really think that Canada is really homo-friendly, you should try holding hands with the person of your choice in anyplace other than Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto.

  • David K

    @kayla: Imprisonment is supposed to be rehabilitation, not punishment. The idea that the prison system should be used to send all of the bad people (translation: ethnic minorities) to punish them for being bad (translation: poor) is pretty much exclusive to America.

  • sick_rick

    We all know micheal tscherkassow only got a year in prision because the Judge felt sorry for the Gay guy because he couldn’t suck dick for a year with a wired jaw and saw this as a hate crime cause the gay man got knocked out for makeing a comment like that. Because I’ve knocked out 16 people and never recived more then six months what does that say about our judge I think he has seen one up close a couple times…. in my opinion! Personally if a fag wants to act tuff take the punch like a man or don’t let ur mouth make cheques that ur jaw can’t handle!!! THINK ….

  • hater

    Thank God there is a soul brave enough to punch a big mouth Gay guy. Omg is that a hate crime know? I snizzed on a black is that a hate crime? He hurt my feelings…omg is that a fucken hate crime ? I find the Gay. Community tries to make every thing seem cause there gay let me tell u if that guy mouthed off to me like he did a broken face is a lighter sentence then the year mike got.

  • Tor

    We all know that sick_rick was abused as a child and is emotionally stunted, for that would only explain his unlettered diatribe and keyboard warrior-like excrement sprayed all over this comment board. After all, only people who were humiliated growing up (maybe forced to wear women’s clothing?) would feel compelled to descend into knuckle-dragging idiocy…in my opinion!

    Maybe sick_rick and hater should learn some reading comprehension. It was never categorized as a hate crime, and really, it would only take people bereft of reason and not familiar with military code of conduct to leap immediately to this soldier’s defence. So he got called a name? Well, certainly an officer of the military full of discipline and honour has to no doubt respond with assault even though their opponents were backing down. Glad to see grown tough guys have not been able to get past grade school in terms of their emotional maturity.

    I do love the irony of all you guys saying you need tougher sentences, and then, when it finally happens, you resort to predictable talking points to deal with your tribal cognitive dissonance. Yes, keep ‘thinking’; people will keep laughing at you.

  • sick_rick

    Fuck the gay community bunch of babies go suck some dick I dis like u go stay in the closet you weirdos where u belong I think Canada is a sad country not for thee legal system but for allowing gays to marry… if hitlerhad his way you all would be in gas chambers in hailing zyclon B too bad Aids infested fags…eat shit you should not be allowed to raise chirldern infecting them with you fag mentality I’d rather a black couple to raise my child if I put it up for adoption then you gays ur garbage look at the stats most gays were molested go Google the stats u will see

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