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Canadian Florist Protects Her ‘Conscience Before God’ By Refusing Lesbian Wedding

Sure, a newspaper refusing to run your same-sex wedding announcement is frustrating. But what about a florist who refuses to sell you flowers for your wedding because it’s a gay one?

An unnamed lesbian wedding couple says that’s exactly what happened when they tried to book New Brunswick florist Petals and Promises Wedding Flowers. The company’s Kim Evans told the couple in an email she is “choosing to decline your business. As a born-again Christian, I must respect my conscience before God and have no part in this matter.” Aww, sorry Kimmy, but you know who does have a part in this matter? The New Brunswick Human Rights Act, which says public businesses cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation. Which you just admitted to doing. It sounds like you just made a very expensive business decision.

The couple, meanwhile, is already on their honeymoon. (And yes, there’s a “peaceful protest” going on.)

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  • Kurt

    Respecting her views about homosexuality, I would question that a Christian (or amyone else) is guilty of morally cooperating with someone or some act because they sell them a commerical product.

    I’ve yet to hear from any Christian conservative gun dealers that their faith obligates them to size up their customers and refuse those who they are not assured they will use their gun for moral purposes.

  • Jeffree

    No one should have to promote the Lesbian agenda by providing flowers to a gay wedding. Next thing you know, we will all be forced to allow married men to become bridesmaids. And to permit women to be the “best man.” Must I prepare to watch hemaphrodites strip during the bachelor fiesta?

    Don’t you realize that most Americans want gays to PLAN weddings but NOT get married?

  • the crustybastard

    Countdown to when Christian Kim insists that SHE’S the one who’s really being persecuted begins….now.

  • akn

    One part of me is saying, “Well no, Christian businesses should not be allowed to turn down LGBT customers because of their ‘consciences’,” but another part of me wonders how nice it might be for gay-owned and operated businesses to be able to turn away customers who work to make our lives harder (i.e. anti-marriage equality activists or politicians who have anti-gay voting records).

  • alan brickman

    Gay businesses have turned away straights….

  • Oprah

    Big Deal. Go to another Florist. Let Capitalism do its magic. *Eyes Rolls*

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    Some non-gay florists are specialists; now if you went to her and wanted a crown of thorns…

  • Patsy Stoned

    I’d love to know if this florist turned down any second marriages or worked for any ceremony where the bride and groom were not virgins beforehand out of “conscience before god.” If not, it is clearly a homophobic business trying to look like the victim. These fuckers always turn a blind eye to the “sinning” of straight people. Always.

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