Canadian Government Pulls Funding From Evangelical Group With Anti-Gay Message

relief-development-536x165The Canadian government has ceased funding to Crossroads Christian Communications, an evangelical group working in Uganda, because of its opposition to homosexuality.

“I have asked officials to review this organization before further payments are made,” tweeted Julian Fantino of the Canadian International Development Agency, which gave some $544,813 to Crossroads to “help dig wells, build latrines and promote hygiene awareness in Uganda,” according to the Canadian Press.

There’s no direct link between Crossroads, which creates Christian television content in addition to its relief efforts, and Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. A spokeswoman maintains, “it has not been a practice of Crossroads to influence matters of policy in countries in which we are completing relief or development projects.”

But the Crossroads website does carry a laundry list of sex acts it deems perverse: “Turning from the true and/or proper purpose of sexual intercourse; misusing or abusing it, such as in pedophilia, homosexuality and lesbianism, sadism, masochism, transvestism, and bestiality.”

It also lists an ominous warning: “God cares too much for you (and all of His children) to leave such tampering and spiritual abuse unpunished.”

Even if Crossroads isn’t whispering in the ear of anti-gay legislators in Africa, many Canucks feel its message is not one the government should be funding, especially since Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been outspoken against the persecution of LGBT people worldwide.

“It’s unacceptable that the government would accept that kind of organization as an international-co-operation organization,” said Steve Foster of the Quebec LGBT Council. “Taxpayers’ money should not be used to finance religious groups working abroad, who furthermore contribute to the creation of discriminatory — even inhumane and dangerous — policy.”

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