Canadian Government Quietly Funds Ugandan LGBT Groups Fighting “Kill The Gays” Bill

Canada-Gay_FlagMost of us were awakened to the altruistic nature of our neighbors to the north in Argo, when the Canadian ambassador let State Department staffers on the run from Iranian extremists hide in his home.

Now comes word the Canadian government is helping LGBT people in Uganda fight the country’s odious “kill the gays” bill, which was put back on the docket in November.

The Department of Foreign Affairs gave $200,000 last month to local activist groups combating the measure, which will increase penalties for committing or refusing to report homosexual acts. (The death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” has been added and subtracted so many times we’re not sure whether it’s off the table or not.)

“Canadian officials have conveyed concerns with the bill to Uganda’s Foreign Ministry, [and are] working closely with Ugandan civil society” a DFA spokesperson told the National Post.

The funds, some of which have been earmarked for Kenya, will also help sexual minorities flee the country if the bill passes.

In February, the Canadian government ceased funding the evangelical relief group Crossroads Christian Communications because it preached against homosexuality.