Canadian Hockey Fan Proposes To Her Girlfriend At Hockey Game. Aww…

It’s not what we’d consider romantic, but it’s still darn sweet: On Saturday night at Toronto‘s Scotiabank Place, a young woman named Alicia was brought out onto the ice blindfolded during intermission. When the cloth was removed, she looked up at the scoreboard and saw it was displaying a marriage proposal from her girlfriend, Christina.

Both women came out on the ice and spoke briefly to  each other, after which the announcers assured the crowd, “She said yes!”

What’s amazing isn’t that they live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal nationwide—or even that hockey fans would be totally down with a lesbian proposal. What blows our minds is that the two women made it work in the first place: Y’see, Alicia’s a Maple Leads fan and Christina is all about the Ottawa Senators. Those Canadians are as serious as a heart attack about their hockey teams.

Good luck, ladies!



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  • jonjon

    pssst: It’s Toronto Maple Leafs, not “Maple Leads”

  • Belize

    Yet another proof as to why Canada does NOT suck.

  • J

    I wonder how that would have gone if it was two men…

    Still, I am much less-likely to overhear homophobic comments at a hockey game (Toronto Maple LEAFS) than I am at other sporting events like baseball (Toronto Blue Jays). Maybe that is because hockey tickets cost over double the price of baseball tickets so you weed out the uneducated renecks a bit better?

  • jason


    Good point. I doubt two men would have got cheers from the Canadian crowd.

    Canadians are big frauds. They don’t really like gay men.

  • fonzymorris

    Ah Jason – you probably live in some land of bigotry like Arizona and are just jealous. Give it a rest, pal!

    yours sincerely –

    happy and gay in Toronto

  • Scott

    @jason: What an ignorant statement. As a man, how the fuck can you even try to understand female sexuality or make assumptions about these two specific women’s sexualities? Don’t give me none of “this study says that” bullshit. Clearly, they’re in love right now and, if so be it, they deserve the right to get divorced in two years time. Luckily, here in Canada they can do both – marriage and divorce.

    And really? Just because one proposed to the other on an ice rink makes the engagement lose all validity? What if they met at a hockey game? Like the article says, they rep different teams… seems like a classic tale of star-crossed Canadian lovers to me!

    Jason, you honestly sound like a man who was dumped by his woman for another woman. That, or a bitter queen whose boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet.

  • jason


    I don’t care about you. I’ve got my beliefs, which are based on fact. What have you got?

    Female sexuality is largely fake. That’s because women don’t need to prove they aroused in order to engage in sex. Men, on the other hand, need to prove it.

    A woman can fake her interest in sex as well as her lack of interest in sex. You can’t deny this.

    Women also tend to use their sexuality as a marketing ploy to obtain advantages that are not sex-related. Men are different. Men have sex because they want to have sex. Women have sex because it’s a means to an end.

  • azalea_k

    @jason: Fact? The only fact is that you’re displaying utter misogyny.

  • MikeE

    This website REALLY needs an “Ignore (jason)” button.

    Seriously, he is the most fucked up person I’ve ever come across who isn’t one of those radical evangelical christian types.

  • matt

    Um……….this is not in toronto. It’s in Ottawa. Ottawa’s arena is called Scotia Bank Place and that’s their mascot.

  • the crustybastard


    This website really needs to ban Jason.

    Racism won’t be tolerated, but misogyny is just peachy?

    It’s a disgusting policy.

  • Nick

    If Jason can post here, the comment policy is trash. But then again, Queerty already has a noted history of misogyny among its readership. This really is a gay website.

  • Carl

    An article about women and Jason comes along thumping his chest and proclaiming his misogyny at the top of his lungs. Raise your hands if you’re surprised?
    What, no takers?

    Jason, despite your asinine claims, women’s sexuality IS as defined as a man’s. I know many lesbians for whom even the thought of sexual intercourse with a man makes them feel physically ill. Who the hell are YOU to dismiss the sexual orientation of women. Sexism, alive and well in the LGBT community (see that L – I’ll give you a clue what it stands for).

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    Jason could always prove us all wrong by providing a link to his own youtube video where he shows us just how accepting and promoting of Equality his own Republican family is.

    why won’t he?

    rock ON, Toronto.

    for those who don’t know the facts about Canada, here’s a briefing:

    LGBT people have been serving OPENLY in Canada’s military since 1992. That’s right. 1992. That’s twenty years for those of you who have trouble counting.
    Canada’s first legal same-sex marriage was in 2001. It has been legal across the entire country since the mid-00s.
    LGBT Canadians have full and total workplace and housing protections.

    to be even more blunt – the last “gay legality” issue in Canada is the right to donate blood and organs.

    i just hope this puts thing in perspective for you. Canada is at least twenty years ahead of the USA when it comes to LGBT Equality.

    and thus, our cultural climate is indeed different.

    but hey, check this out: Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke receiving Toronto PFLAG’s Ally of the Year Award.

    his openly gay son was tragically killed in a car accident a few years ago. Brian Burke marches with us in the Toronto Pride Parade every year, wearing his late son’s hockey jersey.


    and yes, my mother and father in this video with him. check it out.


  • jason

    Misogyny, misogyny, misogyny…aaah, I wish I could have a dime everytime I get accused of misogyny.

    Memo to the misogyny accusers: you’re tired and transparent. It don’t stick. Deal with it.

    Face it, girls – you hide behind your female gender. You play the female victim card so as to distract from your privilege-seeking agenda.

    The men who support you are usually gay male wimps who have chosen to feminize themselves so as to void themselves of any shred of masculinity that you might find threatening. Alternatively, they are straight guys who fear the threat of you with-holding sex from them.

    I’m a male who doesn’t fit either category.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    Jason, provide the URl where you prove you are what you say you are. Why not include your family in the video, since they’re incredibly supportive of you as their gay son, right?


    sorry, the idea that your family is proud of you is just too hilarious for words :D

  • jason

    Little, Kiwi,

    Gurlfren, I don’t have daddy issues. I don’t need to have daddy tutor me in the art of masturbation.

  • InscrutableTed

    I am seriously freaked out by Jason. The guy talks like he’s a serial killer.

    He says: Women play the victim card. Only feminized men support women. Women don’t want sex. Women use sex as a means to an end.

    Basically: Men shouldn’t support women. Women are manipulative liars.

    He talks about women as if they aren’t human.

  • HQ

    As a Canadian, I can say that the majority of us don’t have a problem with gay marriage. It’s really not a big deal. Some people will always have prejudice, but that population is dwindling with each year.

  • azalea_k

    Sure, Jason, sidestep female sexuality and go off on a different ranting tangent. It’s really quite amusing, akin to Tasmanian Devil cartoons.

  • jonjon

    @jason: “Face it, girls – you hide behind your female gender. You play the female victim card so as to distract from your privilege-seeking agenda.” What the FUCK are you talking about? Privileges? You mean they seek privileges like being looked at in the eye instead of in the chest when they’re talking in the work place? Privileges like being taken seriously in a political debate instead of criticized for what clothes they wear? Privileges like being paid the same amount as a man for the same job, not being forced to have a baby when they don’t want one, or not getting raped just because they’re walking alone at night? Those aren’t PRIVILEGES, those are just things men take for granted and women should be able to take them for granted too. YOU NEED TO SEEK HELP.

    Also, Queerty, you need to fix how you spelled Maple Leafs. It’s an f, not a d.

  • RLS

    Wow, I can’t believe that you people haven’t learned to ignore this troll. It says something controversial and completely dominates the thread…

    Anyways, this is a really sweet story

  • jason

    I don’t resile one iota from what I’ve said. Most women are fake-sexuals. I don’t resile from it.

    As for privilege-seeking, it’s obvious. Look at how women can wear either trousers or dresses in public. Women can thus bridge the divide between male and female clothing without anybody calling them trans-gender. Put a man in a dress and suddenly everybody is staring at him and calling him trans-gender.

    Face it, girls – we’ve sussed you out. You’re hypocrites and frauds. You’re the ones who promote double standards due to your female supremacist notions. You want there to be double standards, you hypocritical bitches.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    jason, hating women won’t change the fact that your dad regrets not pressuring your mother into having an abortion.

  • jason

    Little, Kiwi,

    Daddy nurse is waiting with his drool cup. The men in white suits can’t be too far behind. Be patient, sweetie.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Enjoy the clip. Enjoy the moment with two people who obviously love each other.

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