Canadian Hockey Fan Proposes To Her Girlfriend At Hockey Game. Aww…

It’s not what we’d consider romantic, but it’s still darn sweet: On Saturday night at Toronto‘s Scotiabank Place, a young woman named Alicia was brought out onto the ice blindfolded during intermission. When the cloth was removed, she looked up at the scoreboard and saw it was displaying a marriage proposal from her girlfriend, Christina.

Both women came out on the ice and spoke briefly to  each other, after which the announcers assured the crowd, “She said yes!”

What’s amazing isn’t that they live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal nationwide—or even that hockey fans would be totally down with a lesbian proposal. What blows our minds is that the two women made it work in the first place: Y’see, Alicia’s a Maple Leads fan and Christina is all about the Ottawa Senators. Those Canadians are as serious as a heart attack about their hockey teams.

Good luck, ladies!