Canadian Landlord Fined $13k For Fearing God’s Wrath Over Renting To Gay Couple

Will Goertzen — the Canadian landlord who refused to lease an apartment to a gay couple because, he said, homosexuality “isn’t natural and it’s a crime against nature” and feared god would get ’em if he gave them a home — must pay $6,500 each to Scott Robertson and Richard Anthony, following their June 2009 discrimination complaint. Hope god has a few extra zeroes lying around, bud.

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  • Jen

    *clappity clap* Well done! “Human-rights adjudicator”? Fascinating.

  • Enron

    To that Canadian Landlord, I think its safe to say, you have experienced God’s wrath and he hates it when you use his name to persecute people.

  • B

    It’s an illustration of what happens when religious fervor ignores reality. In a tragic case during the Middle Ages, when the plague reached one town, its minister told everyone to stay in their church and pray for divine deliverance. Of course, they had to eat, so they brought food which attracted the town’s rats which carried the fleas that carried the bacteria that cause the plague, and the inevitable happened. They all got sick and died.

    It’s like the lyrics of a song popular during World War I, “Praise the Lord but pass the ammunition”. “God is on our side” may help rally the troops, but you will be very sorry if take it as more than a slogan.

  • ewe

    I want to know where i can apply to rent that apt.

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