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Canadian Mountie Pastime Spoiled After Lesbian Prison Sex Camera Turned Off

And there goes the ultimate perk of being a Canadian mountie or prison guard: Watching female inmates have sex on closed-circuit camera can get you suspended.

The investigation into four Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers and three prison workers allegedly watching a sex romp between two lesbian cellmates on CCTV cameras, has led to six of them being suspended without pay. The incident, which had taken place at the Kalmoops Regional Correctional Centre in British Columbia, saw police suspending the officers while officials decide if further disciplinary action is warranted. From surveillance footage, four Mounties and three civilian jail staff were allegedly seen watching a video monitor for seven minutes.

The decision was made after a review of the work status of the officers implicated in the incident, a supervising officer with 20 years on the force, and two of three constables who’d been in service ranging from one to seven years. RCMP Inspector Tim Shields said a fourth officer is still under investigation.

Snaps to big brother for making a security camera system so meta that the watchers are being watched.