Unknown Techie Takes On Wikipedia

Canadian Official Edits Out Homosexuality

Politicians sure can be sneaky. They’ll do everything in their power to further their goals, secure their interests and spread their propaganda, even if it means – gasp – editing.

An intrepid Canada journo, David George-Cosh did a little digging into Wikipedia and found a worrisome link between the Canadian government and homophobic revision:

One user, with an IP address that points to a government office in Ottawa, removed Wikipedia’s entire entry on homosexuality several times on July 20, 2005, and replaced it with such sentences as: “Homosexuality is evil,” “Homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible” and “Homosexuals need our help and counselling.” The IP address responsible for that edit continued to deface the entry on homosexuality a total of 24 times between July, 2005, and July, 2006…

Good to know Canada’s civil servants spend their time wisely.

In other shady government moves, the CIA and FBI apparently edited Guantanamo and Iraq war entries. Because any amount of control counts…