Canadian Pro Soccer Player David Testo: “I’m Gay”

In an interview with Radio Canada today, former Montreal Impact midfielder David Testo came clean about being gay.“I’m a homosexual. I’m gay. I have no choice. It’s just part of who I am. And it has nothing to do with the talent of a soccer player,” he said. “You can be both an excellent soccer player and be gay.”

Um, duh?

Testo, 30, describes life as a closeted pro athlete as “hard.” “It’s like carrying around a secret, you know, and carrying around luggage and just never being allowed to be yourself.”



Testo was named the Montreal Impact’s Most Valuable Player  in 2009, but was released by the team last month. He hasn’t announced his retirement from MLS, so he’s in a kind of professional limbo—making his announcement all the more risky.

Then again, maybe he needn’t worry: Anton Hysen came earlier this year while still on Sweden’s BK Hacken team and, in March Hysen told the Guardian, “It’s not a big thing… If there’s anyone afraid of coming out they should give me a call.”

Perhaps David should given Anton a ring?

Image via Wilson Wong