Canadian Schools Also Ignoring Parental Complaints About Anti-Gay Bullying?

That Canadian It Gets Better video arrives just in time: School administrators are accused of ignoring anti-gay bullying there too: “Despite parental complaints spanning two years, the Surrey school district did nothing about homophobic taunting, bullying and assaults on a mentally challenged 12-year-old girl, a complaint accepted with the BC Human Rights Tribunal alleges. The girl’s father alleges Surrey’s Erma Stephenson Elementary School discriminated against her in the provision of a service customarily provided to the public, on the basis of mental and physical disability, contrary to the province’s Human Rights Code. … The father alleges three students made “derisive, insulting” comments to his daughter, including calling her a lesbian since 2008. His daughter, referred to simply as T in court documents, has cerebral palsy and a mental disability.”

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  • Alex Duffy

    If you’re interested in learning more about issues regarding LGBTQ youth and education in Canada, check out – Canada’s National Safer Schools and Inclusive Education website. There you’ll find Canadian Stats as well as strategies and resources for LGBTQ youth, educators, parents, and allies interested in making change!

  • Kieran

    We’re also in a bit of a Conservative back-cycle lately…people are tired of “political correctness”

  • Hue-Man

    Surrey, BC, (Vancouver suburb) school board is also known for banning gay books and books that encourage tolerance of differences (in a city with a large Sikh population).

    * Asha’s Mums (ISBN 0-88961-143-2 copyright 1990)
    * Belinda’s Bouquet (ISBN 1-55583-154-0 copyright 1991)
    * One Dad Two Dads Brown Dad Blue Dads (ISBN 1-555883-253-9 copyright 1994)

    The Canadian Supreme Court (2002) ruled that the school board could not impose religious views to ban school books. Sadly, the bigots haven’t learned their lesson.

  • MikeE

    The headline is pure sensationalism.
    It’s “A” Canadian school.
    Not Canadian “SchoolS”.

    This is exactly the sort of “newscasting” I’d expect from Faux News network

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