Straight to Jail

Canadian Soldier Gets Five Years In Prison For Gay Murder

Jason John Ouiment, a former Canadian soldier who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of a gay man, was yesterday sentenced to five years in prison. In January 2010, he strangled 21-year-old Duane Lacquette (pictured) after waking up to find Lacquette giving him oral sex.

From CBC News:

Ouimet said he had fallen asleep, after drinking and hanging out with Lacquette that night, and awoke to find Lacquette sexually assaulting him. He then choked Lacquette to death during an ensuing fight.

“Mr. Ouimet knew that Mr. Lacquette was gay — he had propositioned him earlier in the evening [and] he just said, ‘No, thank you,’” defence lawyer Roberta Campbell told reporters outside court.

“This is about a reaction to an unlawful touching and unwanted touching.”

But Eugene Lacquette, the slain man’s uncle, said family members are hurt by claims that Lacquette may have sexually assaulted Ouimet.

“Just as the defence and Jason portrayed Jon-Jon as a rapist — so-called rapist — we portray Jason as someone that murdered our nephew,” the uncle said outside court.

Ouimet apologized to the family, but it did not bring back their son, whom the family describes as holding humor and love.

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  • James

    If he gay this guy a bj while he was passed out that’s rape.

  • Kev C

    @James: Jason gets a 5 year sentence for murder. Duane got the death sentence for rape.

  • Hyhybt

    If the rape really happened, it makes sense that self-defense would lower the charge from murder, yet not to nothing because stopping someone from doing that doesn’t require killing them.

    On the other hand, that’s a big if.

  • Larry

    the definition of rape says intercourse has to occur for it to be rape…this would be sexual assault…but since the SUPPOSED ASSAULT was by a gay person I am surprised they did not throw him a parade…

  • Dave

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. All little girls who have their tits grabbed by little boys, should now kill their attackers…no questions ask.

  • Carl 1

    @Larry: So Larry, you don’t regard oral sex as sex? Well, I and many others do. If this happened as described, then it WAS rape. And although killing someone is a bit extreme, if I woke up to that situation, I can’t honestly say how far my reaction would go.

    Also, nice deceiving headline Queerty – the guy isn’t a murderer, he’s a killer convicted of manslaughter. There’s a huge difference – indeed, the difference between a five year sentence and a far more substantial one.

  • max

    Um, the guy fucking killed a guy for giving him a BJ after a “night of drinking” where “previous insinuations were made”. He’s a fucking murderer.

  • Danny

    For all we know, the guy got a bj and then killed the dude to hide it; plenty of freaky closet cases who go mental after sex because they aren’t out or the person has spurned having a relationship with them afterward or they are straight and just wanted to get off and now think the info will get out and freak. Sad but nothing new under the sun. And of course the one guy is dead so we only really get one side of the story in these situations. And if the victim was an ugly girl how would the case have gone in court.

  • Daez

    Just to get this straight…

    A black transgendered woman kills a man who uses hate speech and violence towards and could have seriously hurt her and she is a murdering bitch.

    A white straight guy kills a guy because he woke up from a drunken stupor with a mouth on his erect penis and you guys want to defend him because he was “raped.”

    I can not at all see how there is any aspect of white privilege and straight worship involved here. No, I cannot. Seriously, not at all.

  • Bailey

    did he cum before or after he murdered him?

  • Carl 1

    @Daez: Since I haven’t heard about that case, don’t make assumptions. If what you said is accurate, she would be guilty of manslaughter too, imo

  • Seth

    Assuming that he’s telling the truth and it is a rape situation… I still dont think that justifies murder.

    I just cant see why some getting a blow job, even if unwanted, is cause for more than pushing the person away… what if someone came over and kissed another and there was no consent? Few would consider violence (beyond pushing the person away) as an acceptable way of dealing with it and yet somehow a BJ is such a huge deal that people are screaming RAPE !!

    *Oh – and ask yourself what the sentence would be if a man awoke to find a woman giving him head and then killed her*

  • Seth

    @ No5, Dave


  • James

    If someone claims this as a justifiable homicide I’d feel better believing the murderer of there was forensic evidence of the victims saliva on his penis. Otherwise this could be a bullshit defense to murder. Come to think of it I still think its a bullshit defense for murder (the gay panic defense) though regardless if there was forensic evidence of the rape or sexual assault.

    If it were a man raping a women though and the women killed the man somehow id have a totally different tune.

    It’s hard to unpack.

  • Matt

    Daez-This guy was raped, even if you want to pretend that he was not.

    The she male who killed that guy went way beyond self defense when he murdered that man, and yes it is murder even if you want to claim that it’s somehow OK or justified.

  • GC

    Don’t even try to compare receiving oral sex to nonconsenting, violent penetration of another person.


  • Carl 1

    @James: Well, considering the court and judicial system appears to have accepted this (as shown by the charge of manslaughter) as what happened, clearly there must have been supporting evidence. The so-called gay panic defence relies upon hearsay and is largely unprovable either way. Claiming rape is a whole different kettle of fish, as tests can prove it. I seriously doubt it would have been accepted without evidence, as it’s a very different claim from “he came on to me and I panicked, m’lud”.

    @GC: oral sex IS sexual intercourse. If performed without consent then it is rape. Pretend all you want, but that’s the simple moral truth of it. And if I was being raped, I don’t know how I would react. If this was a woman who killed someone who was raping her, there’d be uproar that it had even reached court. Sexism, alive and well, only with reversed targets.

  • Daez

    @Matt: Correction, he CLAIMS he was raped. Since in America, I do not know about Canada, but I assume it is the same, people are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty you have no clue of knowing what really happened.

    There is a reason we have a legal system. It is to avoid people taking the law into their own hands. I do not feel that the woman that was convicted of manslaughter should have been let off, but it strikes me as odd that people want to crucify her and give this guy a pass.

  • Daez

    @Carl 1 You do not know that. It could quite possibly be his word against his word. Are you going to believe a dead gay man who cannot even testify for himself, or are you going to believe the word of an armed services member with most likely a spotless track record?

  • Carl 1

    @Daez: Since none of us were in the court, we obviously don’t know. But the defence would not put such things forth if it was unsubstantiated. There’s a world of difference between ‘gay panic’ and rape/sexual assault. The former relies on no evidence and never can, the latter if claimed WILL be investigated and if it can’t be supported with evidence would likely not be used. And clearly the jury and judge agreed there were unusual circumstances involved in the case.

    We can be armchair jurors all we want, but the facts are clear – on the evidence presented he was found guilty of manslaughter and not murder. That would not have happened if it was a clear-cut case of murder (as appears to be the case with Canadian porn star). So clearly, there was some evidence to support the charge of manslaughter and not murder.

  • Sed

    I can’t believe so many of you buy the defenses bullshit explaination. I don’t for one minute believe the victim sexually assaulted the defendent. He’s lying to get a lighter sentence which he ended up getting.

  • Carl 1

    @Sed: You have evidence to support this claim? Of course not. Not all courts are as corrupt and broken as those in the USA, you know. At the end of the day, the evidence was not sufficient to convict him of murder. I doubt we’ll ever know all the details of what evidence was presented. But someone can’t just say ‘rape’ and it be accepted.

    If the claims of rape/assault are accurate – and we’ve seen nothing to say they aren’t – then manslaughter seems an acceptable charge.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Carl 1:.For anyone who has actually been raped the description of this alleged scenario as a rape is SPECIOUS…at best! ,if we are to believe the defense -then it should be classed as a sexual assault.Some twisted, stick up their ass, nouveau moral majority bitches up in here.Should be ashamed ….

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @!what the F**K!!!!: And anyone on here choosing to accept the panic defense as a valid defense for violence or murder is a self hating TWAT!

  • Carl 1

    @!what the F**K!!!!: To me, any sexual intercourse – and oral sex IS sexual intercourse – performed against an unwilling individual is FUCKNG RAPE. It’s not “nouveau morality”, it’s common bloody sense, which you seem to be lacking.

    There is a world of difference between the ‘panic defence’ (which should be made a crime akin to false allegations of rape, IMO) and responding to a rape – or sexual assault if you’re so naieve – with force. Any one who thinks rape/sexual assault is okay, as you seem to be suggesting, needs their head examining.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    DO ME A FAVOUR!……YOU are the one who’s naive…naive to believe that BULLSHIT!And NAIVE to equate what is ALLEGED to have happened to RAPE! NOWHERE have I said that rape or sexual assault or ,indeed, molestation should not be treated with gravity! COMMON SENSE…….PR*CK!

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    So his defence team probably felt that the panic defence wouldn’t work well enough in his favour so they kept it as subtext and shone the light on RAPE! But I would be interested to know how the prosecution dealt with their questioning of him.The accepted tack of most, if not all,is to dwell on the victims attire, whether or not they were intoxicated ,sexual history etc… He was alone with him in a room after drinking…the subject of sex had arisen previously,if you believe Ouiment……..

  • Nikko

    Since when is a blowjob considered rape? Just wondering…

  • Hyhybt

    @Nikko: Since when is sex where at least one person is unwilling NOT rape?

  • sanecanadian

    He will hopefully learn the true meaning of rape while in prison.

  • Carl 1

    @!what the F**K!!!!: Clearly, sufficient evidence to support the claim was provided. Had there not been, he’d have been charged with murder, not manslaughter. The prosecution seeks the charge it can prove. The fact that they didn’t pursue a murder charge says it all. You can pull whatever conspiracy theory nonsense out of your arse that like, it doesn’t change the fact that he was charged with (and convicted of) manslaughter. You are letting your emotions cloud your judgement and it’s showing. You are looking at the end result (a tragic death) and saying “it must be for THIS reason!!!” without pausing to think or look at the situation.

  • Carl 1

    @sanecanadian: And hopefully you will, too.

    See how vile that sentence looks? It’s how yours looks. NO ONE deserves to be raped, not ever.

  • mk_ultra

    @Carl 1:
    No one deserves to get killed either.
    That didn’t stop Oiiment…
    Five years for taking someone’s life.
    Some people seem to think even that’s too much…

    You know I just love a big, strong man who’s not afraid to show it on someone half his strength.
    Clearly not as much as you though…

  • R.A.

    He went home with the guy and he killed him.
    We’ve all heard this song before.
    I hope he’s murdered in prison.

  • Danny

    Interesting to know what the evidence actually was. Since the living guy could have sexually assaulted with his genitalia the guy he strangled after he killed him, and any saliva evidence on his genitalia would be the same as the scenerio he described but the circumstances entirely different. “Evidence” can be deceiving when one party is dead and unable to give their version of events.

  • What the f**k

    “see how vile that sentence looks?”……..more reactionary nonsense from a queen who wishes someone WOULD touch his dick……you are talking to someone who has been raped AND sexually assaulted and I’m here to tell you that there IS a difference! A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THIS ALLEGED SCENARIO! WHO ARE THESE QUEENS ????SO WILLING TO TAKE THE SIDE OF A MURDERER of a 21 year old gay man!……21 YEARS OLD!!!!The kind of trolling queen who lives in the comment section of the daily mail and Queerty.

  • What the f**k

    @What the f**k: Oh and I’ve also woken up to find an unwanted stranger sucking mu d*ck…I didn’t feel the need to scream…cry rape…or murder him!

  • Carl 1

    @Carl 1: No one has said he deserved to be killed, nor has anyone said the sentence should have been less (I actually thnk the sentence is a bit light), what I have been discussing is the charge, so you can the hyperbole and hysteria. Manslaughter versus murder. Given everything we’ve been told it seems manslaughter was the correct charge in this specific case. And manslaughter carries a lesser sentence (usually) than murder, because it’s *not* murder. Get a grip of reality. Not everybody wants to butcher us.

  • Carl 1

    @What the f**k: Then I’m sorry you have been raped, bu you are letting your personal experiences colour your opinions (impossible not to, I know). But non-consensual sex (and oral sex IS sex, unless you’re Bill Clinton) IS rape. You can pretend otherwise, but it doesn’t change reality. I’m not “taking his side”, I’m taking the side of reality. No one deserves to be killed. But no deserves to be raped either (if that is what happened. Not being involved in the case, we will never see the evidence either way. But the legal system clearly blived it, hence the charge he was convicted of). If the details as stated are true, then the charge of manslaughter was appropriate. It doesn’t make the killing right, just the charge the right one for the case.

    Don’t confuse defending the legal system with defending the killer, there’s a world of difference. Murder is the “unlawful *premeditated* killing (emphasis mine) of one human being by another”. Manslaughter is “The crime of killing a human being *without* malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder.” (again, emphasis mine).

    And the only thing I’d use the Daily Fail for is lining a litter tray – and that’s only if someone gave it me, I wouldn’t waste a single penny on that rag – or The Scum. The only decent paper is Metro, which is given away free on public transport! Lifelong Liberal Democrat here and proud of it, always have been and always will be. Nearly wept when they sold out to Tory Scum. Also an ardent opponent of the Death Penalty because, as seen in the USA, a truly horrific number of innocent people have been killed by the state.

  • Carl 1

    @What the f**k: Well, when you only get it once every decade, I suppose you’d be grateful. Can’t say for certain how I’d respond, but it’d likely involve him being thrown from the bed and a foot heading for his groin. And I enjoy sex with guys. For someone who doesn’t, a violent reaction doesn’t equal murder. Given the definitions I posted above, manslaughter fits the bill.

  • R.A.

    @What the f**k:
    The only kind of person who would defend the murder of this adorable and harmless gay man is a sick homophobic troll.

  • todd

    This brimgs to question of what level of sexual contact constitues

  • Carl 1

    @R.A.: oh look, the troll R.A makes it’s appearance. Odd, I haven’t seen a single person defend this killer, so I don’t know what you’re smoking but it’s making you hallucinate. Maybe you should cut back a little.

    The killer definitely deserved a heftier sentence, as killing another human *always* deserves more than five years (even in self defence cases) in jail. But the charge should always fit the crime. Nothing shown has indicated premeditation to kill (the requirement of murder charge) in this case, which makes the systems charge of manslaughter the correct one. Again, do not confuse defending the legal system with support of the killer, they are two entirely seperate entities.

    Also, did you know the deceased? How do you know if he was adorable or harmless? You’re applying emotional descriptors without any evidence to make those who disagree even slightly with you appear cold and uncaring. The hallmark of a true troll. (I’m not saying he wasn’t, but without direct knowledge, none of us can say either way, thus the use of such terms clearly has no other purpose than to attack others, a very cynical use of a dead persons memory. Shame on you)

  • R.A.

    Last week a troll was worried that Queerty was committing “bisexual erasure” on the fiend who butchered that gay man in Canada. This week, he’s holding discourses on what constitutes rape so as to excuse another murder of a gay men.

    Clearly, this troll claiming to be a bisexual hates his 35% same sex attraction. Therapy would be a better solution than bonding publicly with killers.

  • Hyhybt

    @Carl 1: Setting aside that, in this particular case, killing was almost certainly unnecessary, why *always* more than five years even for self defense? Why should someone whose life was legitimately in danger through no fault of their own and who had no obvious other way out serve any time at all for killing their attacker?

  • Carl 1

    @Hyhybt: Because killing is always wrong. I believe it marks a failure of all involved to find a solution other than death. However, there are degrees of intent. Clearly, self-defence and manslaughter are very different from premeditated murder and that needs to be a consideration. Despite the hyperbole of some, there is no indication of premeditation in this case (at least not on the information presented here). That is what I have addressed. The man has been found guilty and sentenced to jail, a positive result. Although another 10-15 years would hav been better (I think a murderer should NEVER be released from jail).

    R.A, bugger off and troll someone else. Anyone who has read my posts in this thread and the cannibal killer will see through your lies. I have defended neither individual, in one case I pointed out the offensive and discriminatory language used by Queerty (whilst condemning the killer, something I notice you never did). In this case, I have supported the legal system that clearly acted on the evidence available. It’s quite clear you have issues with me, which all started when you found out I am an open and happy bisexual man. I can’t help but wonder if, like the most vocal of homophobes, you are projecting your personal issues upon others.

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