Straight to Jail

Canadian Soldier Gets Five Years In Prison For Gay Murder

Jason John Ouiment, a former Canadian soldier who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of a gay man, was yesterday sentenced to five years in prison. In January 2010, he strangled 21-year-old Duane Lacquette (pictured) after waking up to find Lacquette giving him oral sex.

From CBC News:

Ouimet said he had fallen asleep, after drinking and hanging out with Lacquette that night, and awoke to find Lacquette sexually assaulting him. He then choked Lacquette to death during an ensuing fight.

“Mr. Ouimet knew that Mr. Lacquette was gay — he had propositioned him earlier in the evening [and] he just said, ‘No, thank you,'” defence lawyer Roberta Campbell told reporters outside court.

“This is about a reaction to an unlawful touching and unwanted touching.”

But Eugene Lacquette, the slain man’s uncle, said family members are hurt by claims that Lacquette may have sexually assaulted Ouimet.

“Just as the defence and Jason portrayed Jon-Jon as a rapist — so-called rapist — we portray Jason as someone that murdered our nephew,” the uncle said outside court.

Ouimet apologized to the family, but it did not bring back their son, whom the family describes as holding humor and love.

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