Canadian’s Douchebag Radio Host Dean Blundell Wrist Slapped For Calling Justin Bieber A Transexual ‘She-He It’

It wasn’t just enough for some 12-year-old Canadian to allegedly call Justin Bieber a “faggot” during a day of laser tag. Now some Canadian radio host, Dean Blundell, is getting wrist slapped for implying the singer is — THE ULTIMATE OF INSULTS — a homosexual! The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the scandal to my north:

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (the northern neighbor’s version of the FCC) has slammed a Toronto radio station and its shock jock for making crude comments about pop sensation Justin Bieber and his legion of teenaged fans. The agency has just published an interesting ruling against the station, CFNY-FM (“The Edge”), that finds there is “no justification for allegedly humorous references to children in sexual contexts.”

The controversy began last October with a Twitter message published by CFNY’s radio host Dean Blundell about his distaste for Bieber. The host also implied the singer was gay. Bieber has one of the strongest followings on Twitter, accounting for 3 percent of all traffic on the website, according to one recent study. Predictably, Bieber’s fans unleashed their venom on Blundell. Blundell tweeted back: “Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’.”

The exchange then became the topic of conversation on Blundell’s radio show. He repeated his tweets, and several responses, and referred to one 12-year-old critic as a future “chugger,” slang for a male prostitute.

Wait, this began last October? As in a year ago? That some radio host was calling a then-15-year-old a homo?

Actually, Blundell — as you can hear in the audio clip below — refers to Beiber as a “he-she” and then a “she.” And then an “it.” And then a “transexual.” While laughing. And saying Bieber “sounds like a gay kid,” should “be embarrassed” for the the sound of his voice, and that he’s a “pretty good looking chick.” Asked by a co-host whether Bieber is “a male or a female,” Blundell responds, “I don’t know. You decide.”

So Canada’s broadcasting bureau has reprimanded, or whatever, Blundell and his station, which hosts his “shock jock” show The Edge. It’s unclear whether the punishment means a fine, or just some tersely worded paperwork.

Kids bullying kids? What award do adults get for picking on teenagers? Blundell was suspended at least once before, in 2004, when the Jackass crew stopped by the studio and pissed all over it, literally. It’s time to review the options to keep Blundell off the air.