Candidate Clay Aiken Not Particularly Concerned About Gay Voters

Clay-AikenAt long last, America will soon have another opportunity to vote for Clay Aiken for something. But only if you live in his North Carolina district.

Clay’s running for the NC House of Representatives. Of course, he supports marriage equality. But that’s “not the issue I’m running on,” he tells Huffington Post.

So, what is the issue he’s running on? Singing “(Somewhere) Over the Rainbow” better than all other candidates? Also, economy, education, jobs, trade, the usual blah-blah-blah boilerplate politician stuff.

About the freedom to marry, Clay says, “It’s not an issue that’s really on the radar for most people in the second district of North Carolina. It’s not something that effects people’s daily lives.” This is kind of a dumb statement, and we can only assume he doesn’t really mean it. After all, a Protestant church just sued the state for violating its religious freedoms with the marriage ban.

So, does Clay really think that the second district of North Carolina doesn’t have any LGBT couples in love? Or does he just think that it doesn’t have enough of them for him to care about?

His chances of winning this election are not as remote as you might think. If he can make it through the primary (which is a big if), voters look to be generally favorable towards a Democratic candidate. His opponent is currently slamming his poor attendance record when he served on a committee to advocate for people with disabilities. For his part, Clay says that his attendance was never exactly required.

So if he survives this round of politicking, Clay could be hobnobbing over lunch with Al Franken, reminiscing with Jesse Ventura, and taking tea in a couple years with President Justin Bieber.