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Candidate shared x-rated photos in the spirit of ‘transparency’; now 200 MORE have surfaced

Eric Jon Schmidt is currently one of four challengers in the race for West Hollywood City Council.

Yesterday, we reported that he’s using his work un-friendly DudesNude profile as part of his campaign strategy, encouraging voters to check out his x-rated pics and videos to learn more about him.

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Well, it turns out he has another NSFW profile on another porn sharing site that he forgot to mention.

The work un-friendly profile is on the site On it, 51-year-old Schmidt claims to be 42 and goes by the name “SlutsvilleUSA.”

The profile, which was first created in December 2016 and last updated six days ago, includes 194 photos and 27 videos.

In the profile description, Schmidt describes himself as “submissive” and open to all sorts of adult activities. His only request, “No body odors or bad breath.”

Some of the photos feature Schmidt naked and covered in mud, Schmidt performing oral sex on himself, Schmidt lying in a bed of rubber dildos, and a doctored image of Schmidt posing naked on Hollywood Boulevard.

In a recent email to WEHOville regarding his other online profile, Schmidt said: “Being a performance exhibitionist is one of my hobbies. I also danced nude in Canada to help pay for college, but I loved it.”

“I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art. Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I’m not afraid to express myself.”

Why do we get the feeling there are still more shoes to drop in this story?

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