Hates On "Racist" ABC

Cannick Hearts Washington

Not all the gays are hating on faggot-flinging Isaiah Washington.

Sappho-journo Jasmyn Cannick – one of the leading voice in the fight against Shirley Q. Liquor – started a petition to save the former Grey’s Anatomy star, seen here receiving an NAACP Image award.

According to Cannick, Washington’s firing smacks of racism. And she wants ABC to right their wrongs.

Page Six reports:

[Cannick] said she’s infuriated ABC booted Washington from the show’s upcoming fourth season for calling Knight a “faggot” during a scuffle on the set and believes it smacks of racism. So she’s launched a petition – which had 1,233 signatures as of last night – to get the actor his job back.

The petition says Washington’s firing “further adds to a disturbing new trend at ABC wherein minority actors have been dismissed at an alarming rate over the past two years. Blacks, including . . . Star Jones (‘The View’), Harold Perrineau (‘Lost’), Alfre Woodard, Mehcad Brooks and Page Kennedy (‘Desperate Housewives’) have been let go . . . One must ask themselves, what is going on? . . . While we don’t approve of [Washington’s] use of the F-word at the Golden Globes, Washington has since apologized and gone on to perform community service by way of a public service announcement for the very organizations that have been orchestrating his dismissal. But it seems it wasn’t enough.”

Alright, we suppose it seems a bit suspicious that all those black actors have been dismissed, but it Cannick’s trying to turn Washington’s firing into something bigger than it already is.

Those other ABC firings aside, however, we agree with her comments on Washington’s attempts to change his anti-gay ways. ABC, GLAAD and gay media put him through the wringer only to turn their back on him. So, will we be signing Cannick’s petition? Probably not.

We will, however, encourage you to read Cannick’s thought-provoking blog.

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