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Can’t A Couple Of Dudes Be ‘Hockey Luvin Homos’ At A NHL Game?

Those two gentlemen there? The Vancouver Canucks fans? In the pink? For much of the game you couldn’t read the third word on their shirts, because it was covered in tape. And that blue boa proved quite distracting. But somehow this pair knew just the moment to take their tape off: when the cameras were pointed at Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault. (The backs of their shirts read “Henrietta” and “Daniella.”) What you don’t see in this clip? The two men being escorted from the game after being asked to cover up “homos,” and refusing.

“The public use of any derogatory terms targeted at a specific group of people, whether based on ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, is strictly prohibited,” says the Canucks in a statement. Which is sort of hilarious, because don’t plenty of Canadians believe “Canucks” is a derogatory term? Just like some homos think “homos” is offensive, while others throw around the word like a dodgeball?. Anyhow: “In an effort to ensure all of our guests have a positive experience it was requested that two guests cover a derogatory term on their shirts. After refusing to do so, further discussion was had between staff and the guests, which led to eviction.”

Hey, that’s a reasonable goal! But it sounds just like GLAAD getting its thong in a twist by never taking context into account.

As Henrietta, who was there celebrating his 50th anniversary, says: “We have made appearances at Gay Sports Bars in Vancouver as the Sisters … Henrietta and Daniella with great hilarity and support. This was not a stunt or done to be rude or offensive. We were there to show our and the Vancouver Gay community’s total and absolute support of our Canucks as they took the Presidents [Trophy] and begin their journey to the Stanley Cup. … We held back the word ‘Homo’ for the first two periods until we gauged the reaction of the crowd to our costumes, not wanting to be offensive.”

[photo via Puck Daddy]