Can’t Get Enough: Andreas Wilson

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Andreas Wilson is a megastar in his homeland of Sweden–and although such claims usually carry the “David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany” stigma, Wilson is someone we’d actually like to see over here. His film Evil (Ondskan in Swedish), which received a 2004 Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, is one of the top grossing films in Scandinavian history–and it’s finally made its way across the Atlantic. After two years of waiting, we feel like we’re the last ones to learn about a great party.

andreas wilson.jpegEvil is a mind-bending thriller about a boy (Wilson), who grew up in an abusive home and subsequently takes out his rage on everyone around him. After repeatedly getting tossed out of one school after the next, he’s sent to an all-boys reform school, where the violence only grows worse. Rife with homo undertones, much of the drama unfolds at swim practice, with Wilson strapped into his Speedo. Does he fight back? Does he learn to control his anger? Is he secretly in love with his arch nemesis? We’re biting our fingernails in anticipation.

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The film opened this weekend in Los Angeles, and is in “limited release” across the US; the DVD is already available for sale through Europe. The critics are mixed about Evil‘s appeal in America, wih some saying it’s a bit melodramatic; but praise for Wilson himself is aplenty. We expect to see much more of the Swede, as he is currently shopping his talents around Hollywood. If he’s smart, he’ll put some of those Speedo shots on the internet for all to enjoy.

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