“Can’t I Just Have Mayonnaise?” Whines O’Reilly Over “Gay” Commercial

One almost feels bad for Bill O’Reilly. The right wing blow hard simply can’t wrap his little head around Heinz’s new mayonnaise commercial, which features a two men kissing. In an effort to digest the mayonnaise advert, which began airing in Britain this week, O’Reilly brought it up on his eponymous show.

Unfortunately for Bill O, no one else seems as offended. Watch the clip, after the jump. And, yes, we included the “scandalous” commercial above. Why? Because it’s cute and, also, because we kind of have a crush on the deli man….

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  • fredo777

    He’s a nutter. And it’s sad, but true, what she said about the reason you’d likely never see that commercial running here on mainstream networks. “Oh, it’s pushing the gay agenda! I’ll never eat mayo again! What about my kids’ sandwiches!?@”


  • Woof

    I agree with you on the deli man.

  • Woof

    btw – if we said, “can’t I just have my products without all the straight agenda”, there wouldn’t be anything on TV.

  • Jake

    O’Reilly says,
    “Can’t I just have mayonnaise without all this?”
    Without all what Bill? O’Rally would have no problem with this commercial if it were a straight couple. What a small minded boob! It’s a fun commercial. It’s usually the paranoid ones that are confused about their own sexuality. I can ALWAY count on the Fox Network for a good laugh.

  • Shabaka

    RRROOAARR @ the deli guy, and Bill can fall into a black hole for all I care!

  • RPCV

    I love Bill O, even though at times he can be a bit arrogant. Wish I could have dinner with him one night!!

    If one of Bill’s cronnies is reading, can I get a “Don’t Be A Pinhead” t-shirts for free if only because I’m espousing an a gay blog my admiration for him? Indicate your response in a subsequent post, and we’ll figure some way to communicate off-line………. Thanks!!

  • degan22

    It was kinda cute- but mayo is disgusting. Eww!

  • Chubarama

    The deli guy gives me a boner, it’s true. It’s a cute ad.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Oh, these so-called straight people always obsessing about gay stuff. Bill O. is an out and out homophobe.

    Period. End of conversation.

    I think the commercial is cute.


    CUTEST thing EVER. I do wish they would show that commercial here on the states.;)

  • Brent Fraser

    What’s with Hillary Clinton having being allowed to try running for president? All this gender blending stuff is confusing me! All I want is to have a straight white protestant male running for president. Is that too much to ask? I just don’t get it! What next? Will the black agenda be brainwashing our children into thinking that a black man can run for president? Whatever happened to good ol’ christian family values? The liberal media is destroying the fabric of our American society… it’s becoming… it’s becoming (gasp) progressive!!!

  • RPCV

    Brent: I agree with you. Hoorah…….

  • right here

    Adorable commercial. BO is an asswipe.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m glad it isn’t a national scandal that two men kiss in Britain, and it is kind of cute, but this doesn’t make much sense to me. For the kids to call him Mum – oh well. Glad the Brits aren’t so uptight.

  • Satisfactionpony

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that a Mum who uses Heinz mayonnaise can throw together a sandwich with the chops of a New York Deli Guy. Is that so hard? BO’R is a clown.

  • fredo777

    Exactly, Satisfactionpony.

    That was clearly the point Heinz was making with the commercial (“It’ll be like the Mum in your house is a NY Deli Guy”). It had nothing to do with a gay parental unit, really. Still, it was cute while it lasted.

  • Unity

    O’Rilley is a jerk….

    Homophobs like O’Rilley are actually insecure with their own sexuality. I wouldn’t be surprise if O’Rilley get’s caught doing a Larry Craig.

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