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  • RyanInSacto

    The “outrage” appears to be a publicity hoax. There doesn’t seem to be any such organization as the “West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Alliance.”

    Nonetheless, I love Little Britain and I’m looking forward to the new series.

  • Rick Heintz

    I live in WeHo and I’ve never heard of such a thing. I mean…think about it… It’s West Hollywood. It’s ALL gay with a little splash of Russia to keep us on our toes. I can’t wait to see the new season of the show.

  • Jason

    “The computer says nooo”

  • Darth Paul


    It outraged plenty of PC tittybabies in Britain, too. I dismiss the whines- these dudes are freakin hilarious and I LOVE them.

  • Sir Winston Thriller

    Oh, it’s outrageous, all right. The guys play two body builders with steroid-affected organs…which you see them examining. As long as it doesn’t scare the horses, eh?

  • Sir Winston Thriller

    Forgot to add–if you have HBO On Demand, there is a 15-minute or so sampler of the stuff that will be on.

  • Snoodle

    Love Little Britain and looking forward to this version :D Major bonus points for keeping Sebastian ;)

  • chadnnocal

    Much ado about Nothing. Little Britain is brilliant! Like an insult comic with a diverse audience, the insult is to not be included in the joke.

    Lighten up biotches, it’s healthy to laugh at your at yourself.

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