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Capt. Andrew Wilfahrt’s Mom: His Comrades Knew He Was Gay, And They Didn’t Care

Capt. Andrew Wilfahrt, who was killed in Afghanistan last month when an IED exploded, will be remembered by his family and loved ones for being a brave American. And a wonderful gay man. The video, via the Courage Campaign, features an interview with Andrew’s parents Lori and Jeff, who lament about Andrew’s forced re-closeting when he enlisted, though “people in his unit knew he was gay … and nobody cared,” says Lori. That’s what Andrew himself said when he talked to his mom: “Everyone knows, nobody cares.” Bless these parents, who are speaking so openly about one part of their son — the one part the U.S. military continues to forces gay soldiers to hide. “The Army has been very good to this family,” says Jeff. “They have treated us well. They have been respectful. They have been there for us. And I really do appreciate it.”

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