Caption This, Beyotch: Moby Live Giveaways

Moby: Live, The Hotel Tour 2005 DVD drops on April 18, and we have advance copies of the goods. What better way to give out the freebies than a contest!

From the files of “How Did This Picture Happen?“…


We, too, often marvel at the random occurrences of the universe, wherein the worlds of electro-pop music and economically-priced meals collide. We hope the two of them hit it off. Although dour Moby probably wouldn’t be able to take more than five minutes of Rachel Ray’s perma-perk personality before he’d try to strangle her. But it’s fun to dream of them being friends nonetheless.

Write the best caption for this picture, and we’ll send you a copy of the DVD set, which includes classic Moby videos, performances from his tour, and a CD remix of his latest album.

Send all entries to [email protected].

(Thanks to Dlisted for this really random picture.)

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